Premarital Counseling

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, or should be… Many marriages fail because both couples do not know their roles, have a vision for their lives, know who they are, things didn’t go as they thought and so much more

Effective premarital counseling will help you to navigate the different roadblocks, problems you will face in marriage and to better understand each other. Premarital counseling is something couples who couples do to ensure that their marriage will continue to grow stronger, happier, and deeper over the years. Couples who want to have a healthy and lifelong relationship invest in their future together by learning to understand the different issues that may arise during marriage, understand each other through the guidance of a third-party, learn how to prevent issues and maintain their positive connection. Our premarital counseling program identifies your strengths and potential problem areas, and gives you the tools you need to create a lifetime of love together.

Our Strategic Approach Helps You:

• Identify potential “Friction Points” unique to your relationship
• Create agreement around finances, parenting, responsibilities, boundaries, and priorities.
• Gain deeper understanding for each other’s values, life goals, and what you both need to feel loved and respected.
• Learn how to communicate with each other
• Create a secure emotional foundation
• Address any issues that are concerning you
• Help you move forward into marriage with confidence


Assessment- The first thing we do is to make an assessment or get clarity on where both of you are, values, background, relationship strengths, communication styles, expectations, personalities, and potential problem areas.
Plan of Action- After we have made an assessment of where both of you are and the relationship, we make a plan forward. Show you the potential pitfalls and how to navigate them, what changes you both will need to make, if any, look at your strengths and growth opportunities.
The Tools – In your sessions you’ll learn effective skills and strategies to communicate, get on the same page, work as a team, and keep your love strong — all tailored to your specific needs. You will also learn how to fight well so that non of you feel like a victim.


How to Communicate Effective and Emotional
Throughout our sessions, you will learn how to speak to each other in a manner that will cause each other to feel respected and love.

Who’s going to do what around your house? Are you in agreement about household responsibilities, parenting styles, and expectations about each other’s roles?
We’ll take a look at what works for both of you so that the marriage can run smoothly and non of you will feel like you taken for granted or overwork. If there is any disconnect, we’ll teach you time-tested systems for getting on the same page and functioning as an effective team.

How does each one of you feel about money? Will both of you be working? How will each bill or finances be cover? What if one of you loose your job, what will happen? How much will you be saving per month? How will you manage your money together after you’re married? Do you have a shared plan for your financial future?
In our program you’ll learn practical systems to create an open dialogue about money, create agreement about spending and saving, and make responsible financial decisions together.

Your Future Goals and Dreams
What goals will you guys make together? Are you in agreement about big things like family, spirituality, and values? Our strategies will help you lift each other up, and make your shared dreams a reality.

How will your life change after you get married? How about after you have kids? How do you handle potentially delicate things like in-laws, friends, and how you spend your time?
I will help you come to agreement about even the touchiest subjects. We’ll make sure your priorities are in alignment, and help you transition from “me” to “we.”

Sex and Love
I am sure you are not getting married to one day fall out of love, you don’t want to be one of those couples who love each other but are just not in love anymore. You want to feel connected emotionally and sexually over the long haul, but how will you do that when so many couples fall out of love in few years after getting married?

I will teach you how to stay connected and build intimacy. You’ll learn time-tested strategies to keep your love strong.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, the best investment you can make in your relationship is to make effective preparation so you and your spouse will know exactly what you need to do when situation arises, and they will arise, but you can be prepare.

Let us start the process together by requesting your FREE 25mins Discovery Session to see if we can work together.