Career Coaching/Counseling

I agree with Darren Hardy in his book ‘The Compound Effect that the popular adage that says “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”, is true, but it is still not enough.
Therefore I believe that the formula for success in any career path is:
Preparation (personal growth) + Attitude (belief/mindset)+Opportunity (a good thing coming your way)+Action (doing something about it)=Luck or in my own words, Success

For you to be successful and be your best in any career field, you must first make preparation, eg get an education or skill, develop yourself mentally, physically and emotional. You must then have the right attitude or mindset or belief that will help you to be successful. Have you ever seen someone that is very knowledgeable about his/field or job, but had a bad attitude and so instead of excelling he/she failed? You must have the right attitude for you to excel and be successful.

When you make preparation, when you have the right mindset or attitude, that is when opportunity will come knocking and your door. Why? Because people will want to hire you, want to elevate you and help you to succeed. You will see opportunities come knocking on your door because you made preparation and have the right attitude.
But then the opportunity can come knocking and you still let it pass you, so a key ingredient in being successful is taking action. Have you ever seen or known anyone who had great opportunities, or have the potential to do great things but didn’t do anything about it? Or maybe you have seen someone stuck in a job they don’t enjoy or feel fulfill. Maybe that is you. But the secret to success is taking action, otherwise you will not achieve anything.

Because you take action, you will be successful. What does this mean for you and your career? Let me ask you a question first,

Are you:

  • Looking to recreate yourself and make a career change but don’t know where to begin
  • Looking to get promoted and lack confidence, skills or ‘know-how’ to move forward
  • Looking to improve yourself or your leadership effectiveness so that you can improve team performance

If …

  • You’re serious about finding the career that will change your life
  • You’re ready to gain clarity on what you want to accomplish
  • You’re committed to achieving your goals
  • You are tired of being stuck and frustrated and are ready to make lasting changes
  • You’re ready to take action to live the life you want
  • You’re ready for long term, sustainable results
  • I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your challenges and how I can serve you.

If you are ready to grow in your present career or you want to discover what your passion is and move towards, I would love to work with you

As a coach, I know that career coaching will boosts your confidence, promotes a healthy career, improves the quality of your life and makes you more effective at work. Whether you are looking to build a robust career management plan, change or grow in your current career, I am here to help you Get Clear, Get Focused, and Get Ahead!

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True happiness and success comes when you are true to yourself; passionate about what you do and share your unique gift with the world.