Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

Everyone of us have goals and dreams, everyone of us wants to improve our lives. But why is it that most of us don’t live our dreams or achieve our goals? Why is it that some people remains stuck at the same place year after year while some people keep smashing their goals and achieving their dreams?


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Are they better than those who don’t achieve their goals? Of course not………

Most people suck at implementation. They know what needs to be done, but they will not do it.

I see this again. And again. And again. They will buy the program, course or listen to audio or watch the video or read the book, but they will not take action. Most of you reading this post will not even take action. That’s a fact, I know it, you know it. So what will you do differently this time?

This is why 95% of people fail to meet their New Year’s Resolutions or achieve any goal they set for themselves. And that’s why many people die without living their dreams or being successful. But why?

They know they need to take action, they just don’t.

Or they don’t take big enough action.

Some procrastinate (for them their goals are not important enough, it’s not a must),

some make the excuse that they don’t know how or what to do (but action creates clarity. Find someone who knows how to do it or can help you)

Some lack the confidence to take action. But the only way you are going to gain the confidence you need is by taking action. Just start. Somewhere! Anywhere!

For some they feel stuck. If you feel stuck, don’t give up on your goals and dreams, find someone to help you get unstuck.

For others they have what we call Imposter syndrome where they don’t think they are qualified or deserve to do that thing or to achieve that goal. Well, I am telling you that you do! I have been there. Most of us felt like imposters, even people who are very successful at what they do and getting people results, so that is okay. Do it anyway.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to why most people don’t go after their dreams.

But none of that really matters, just know you can do it.

If you want to be great at anything, which you can. Success is not reserve for selected few, but you need to:

1) Apply the ‘what, why, how’ principle.

What is it you want, why do you want it (your why have to be big enough, bigger than any obstacles or challenges and MUCH BIGGER THAN YOUR FEARS)

The what: You have to get really clear on what you want. What is the big vision you have for your life, and for your business? I mean how much money do you want to be earning? What do you really want in your business or relationships? What is the vision you have for your life? You cannot build a successful life or business without a vision. You will get last. You will get stuck. That’s why most people are stuck, they don’t know what they want and if you don’t know what you want, any road will get you there.

Many people don’t achieve their goals and dreams because they don’t know what they want. How can you become a millionaire if you don’t know what that look like? How can you build a successful business if you don’t have an idea of that will look like? What does success looks like to you?

Your why: Why do you want this? Anyone I know who is successful have a big enough ‘why’ and that why push them through any obstacles, setbacks and challenges. There why is bigger than their excuses and bigger than their fears. Yes they have fears, but when they think about their ‘why’, they are able to push through any fears or doubts, or any thing that might stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. Their reason for wanting their goals and dreams are much bigger than their needs to go partying, watching TV or getting hook to anything that doesn’t move them closer to their goals and dreams. So what is your why? Is it your kids? Your family? Your why should not be money, money is a byproduct of doing a great work. Money doesn’t bring satisfaction or fulfillment. It is following your passion and making an impact. It is being in service. When that happens, the money will come rolling in.

How: What are the steps you will have to take to achieve that vision or dream? When you know your ‘what’ the how will come. You will find the mentorship, guidance, etc to achieve that dream. I never knew how to start a business, I just knew what I wanted. It was when I took the first step I started finding mentors and entrepreneurs to guide me and the steps become more clearer. Action creates clarity and clarity leads to you taking action.

2) Recognize and remove your mental blocks.

You have them. I have them. Everyone has them. But what separates the great from the unknown is that they identify and take steps to remove them.  A mental block could be that you don’t believe in yourself that you can start that business, or loose that weight, or achieve that goal. You could have a limiting belief about money. For example, for a long time I was afraid of having a lot of money because I believed I could not be spiritual and be rich at the same time. I believed that money would corrupt me. But money is not your enemy. If you are someone that is kind, when you have money you will give. Money only magnifies who you are on the inside. Money in the right hands can do a lot of good.

Identify your mental blocks that might be holding you back, and take proactive steps to remove them. If you cannot do this on your own, hire a mindset coach that can help you to recognize and start changing your limiting beliefs or mental blocks and replace them with more empowering beliefs.

3) Then create MASSIVE momentum in that direction to turn your vision into reality.

In other words, just start. How do you climb a steep mountain? By taking one step at a time. It doesn’t matter how big or small those steps are, just take one step at a mountain. And guess what, the view is amazing at the top.

You need to have the right mindset to achieve your goals and dreams. But you also need to take action. Both of mindset and action works together.

Many people are able to achieve massive goals, but I am yet to meet someone who was able to achieve their goals and dreams without taking actions.

You don’t need to know how it will all work out, or figure out the 10 steps to achieve that dream, you just need to know the first step (and sometimes the next step after that). You just need to get started and as you do the steps become more clearer. Action creates clarity. Want clarity? Start taking actions.

Stop telling yourself that you cannot do it. It will never work. You don’t have what it takes. Your not good enough. You are not worthy.

So what!! So what you cannot do it now? Learn.

If you want something to work really bad, it will work. Find people that will help you to achieve that dream.

You have everything you need inside of you to achieve any goal or dream. You just need to believe in you and tap into it. We are living in a time now where we have so many tools and access to resources and people that can help us. You literally can build a business with just 2 hours of work. I am working on my business just few hours a day. You can do anything you want if you tell yourself that you are going to do it.

So what is it you want to do? Go and make it happen.

Let’s hop on a call to get clear on your vision and how you can make it happen. BOOK A FREE STRATEGY SESSION WITH ME

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