What is an Email List and How To Improve Email Campaigns?

What is an Email List and How To Improve Email Campaigns?

As I often times hear from marketers and successful entrepreneurs, ‘the money is in the list’. If you are serious about building a successful business, you need to build your list


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What is an email list?

Your email list is your database of people who have signed up through your lead magnet (e.g signup form) to receive emails from you. These are people who you can build a relationship with by sending them regular emails and marketing messages.

Email marketing is the most common form of marketing and is very powerful because people gives you permission to add them to your list and to email them information.  Email addresses should be obtained only by legitimate means like through opt-in and subscribe boxes on your website, or by specific request.

7 Best Practices to Improve Email Campaign

Of all the different marketing methods or channels, email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels, and that is why entrepreneurs need to take full advantage of this marketing method, even while you build your following on social media.

Here are 7  best practices for improving your email marketing campaigns that you may not have tried before.

1. Get more opens and clicks with split testing

Split testing is the best way to test your email marketing hypotheses and find the optimal solution for subject lines, content, calls-to-actions (CTAs), send time, and so on.

You can split test your subject line to see what your list likes and don’t like

Your subject line should evoke emotion in your recipients. If you get people to feel something such as curiosity, excitement, joy, or even fear, they’re more likely to open your email.

Test different tactics to see which works best for your specific audience.

2. Tell stories for higher click-throughs

Who doesn’t love a good story? One of the best way to get maximum results from your list is to tell stories. Storytelling is one of the oldest principles use to attract buyers and close sales.

Everyday we connect with others around us by telling them stories, and applying the same practice to your email marketing can prove insanely helpful.

3. Write effective welcome emails

Welcome emails sets the tone for your relationship with your customers/clients and therefore are a crucial part of your email campaigns.

These should be sent immediately after signup and should be personal, including the name of the recipient, and an actual sender—so stay away from no-reply emails.

Next, your welcome email should set expectations for what recipients can expect to get in your emails moving forward.

Let them know what content they’ll be receiving, how often you’ll email them, and how to get in touch with you.

And more importantly, you need to meet these expectations.

4. Segment your list and drive maximum engagement

Segmentation is all about sending the right emails to the people who wants to see them. Sending your emails to entire list can lead to emails not being opened or some people unsubscribing from your list because you are sending them irrelevant information. If you want to ensure you’re only sending relevant content to people, segmentation is key.

Once a user has signed up or purchased a product, you can ask them to choose their preferences by asking what their interests are and what kind of content they’d like to receive moving forward.

Segmented email campaigns drive a 760% increase in revenue, so what’s not to like?

For example, lets say you run an e-commerce store selling sports equipment, you could ask subscribers what kind of sports they’re most interested in, and create personalized email campaigns based on various segments such as tennis, football, skiing, etc.

There are different ways to ask subscribers this information:

  • Ask in your welcome email
  • Have subscribers complete a user profile
  • Send a new email to existing subscribers asking them to update their preferences
  • Segment based on previous purchases

5. Measure the success of your email campaigns effectively to increase performance

When we are thinking about measuring the success of our email campaigns we should take into consideration not only the open and click rates for each email, but also look at open reach and click reach.

What do I mean by that? What I mean is checking to see the number of people who have opened your email in a certain time period, e.g 30 days and click through.

Arm with this information we could then create segments based on inactive and active subscribers and tailor your campaigns thereafter.

While open rates and click rates only measure the effectiveness of one campaign, open reach and click reach measure the long-term effectiveness of all your campaigns.

I hope these tips will help you to get better results in your email marketing campaigns and that you will start working hard to build your list if you haveb’t started as yet.

I would love to know, which one of these strategies I have listed above are you thinking about applying to your email marketing campaigns, leave it in the comment section below.

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