Two reasons why you need passion to be successful as an entrepreneur

Two reasons why you need passion to be successful as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a like a roller coaster and many people give up when it gets hard that, as an entrepreneur, I strongly believe that you should spend some time thinking about what you are passionate about and take the necessary actions to make the idea or concept a reality. That is the fastest and best way to enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur, benefits like freedom, flexibility, and the ability to follow your passion and do what you enjoy.


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Every day I see people going to a job that they are not passionate about just so they can pay the bills and hopefully live a comfortable life and be able to retire at a reasonable age. One of the biggest thing that causes many people to be dissatisfied with their lives seems to be due to their 9-5 job they go to day after day. These people feel like they are stuck in a rut, but might not know the best way to get out. The thing about being in this rat race we call a job, is that even when you win, you’re still a rat.  If you are ready to step out of the rat race and start your own business, starting your own business just might dig you out of the rut and get you onto the right track.

Here are two benefits of starting a business base on your passion:


I am probably being bias here, but I don’t believe there is any better way to reach financial abundance and fulfillment at the same time, but to turn that passion you have and start a business.

For example, if you have a passion for arts, with online platforms like etsy, you can put your arts on products and market them to potential buyers. These platforms receive thousands of traffic daily so it’s possible for you to start making money right out the gate without you having any products of your own, website, and team or doing any marketing.

The Internet has created infinite possibilities for those who want to start their own business. You can create content and products for a niche (meaning specific or target, e.g. helping overweight mothers between the ages of 25-35 to lose weight) market around your passion. With the internet, a niche can literally include tens of millions of people on the web.

With Shopify, a social entrepreneur can turn his store into a national e-commerce phenomenon without knowing a lick of code. On YouTube, a star like Phan can make a living applying her makeup skills to tutorial videos.

But what if your passion is cooking or gardening? That’s no problem. Start a blog/website around that passion. You could start a recipe website sharing recipes like Allrecipes or Genius Kitchen, or a YouTube food channel, or even do both. Anything is possible. If your passion is gardening you could start a website around that passion or a digital magazine like Fine Gardening Magazine or Garden & Gun.

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Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for anyone to transform a passion and hobby into a lucrative career.


Being able to run a business anywhere in the world through the use of internet does not mean that it will always be an easy process. Running any business will come with its own challenges, but when you are doing what you love, you will always bounce back quickly. Your passion will move you to find ways to make your business a success.

If you want to succeed and keep getting better at what you do, doing work that you’re passionate about is critical for you to keep at it and keep getting better at it. If you are going to show up on a consistent basis in your business you need to do work you are passionate about doing. When I was doing business I was not passionate about there were days when I didn’t even check on how my business was going because just thinking about what I was doing and had to do was draining physically and emotionally.


Steve Job once said, “People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing and it’s totally true. The reason is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up… if you’re not having fun doing it and you don’t really love it, you’re going to give up.”

With the use of modern day technology and advancement in how we do business today, anyone can start a business, but it’s very difficult to grow and sustain it. When challenges comes, (and it always does), it’s your passion and commitment is what will help your business to cross over to the other side. If you don’t have a true passion for your business, everyone will be able to sense it: your customers, team, advisors and investors.

Passion will help you to work hard and to be persistent so you can create wealth not only for you and your family, but to give back to humanity.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.  ~Mark Twain


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How have passion help you in your business? Or, what’s another benefit (not listed above) that is important in succeeding as an entrepreneur?  Please leave your thoughts In the comments section below and share these tips with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

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