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Business Success Stories Series: Sumedh Chatterjee Interview

 This is part of the Business Success Stories Series, where I feature successful entrepreneurs that are making a difference in others’ lives. The human being has unlimited potential, but in order for us to unearth what's insidee of us, if you are going to grow, you have to invest in your personal growth. One such potential we have is to create. We are all creators. My guest is Sumedh Chatterjee AKA Sume, is Positive psychology trained, Certified Transformational Personal Development coach. He work [...]

002: Unlocking Your Inner Creativity With Sumedh Chatterjee

The Dream Achievers podcast Unlocking Your Inner Creativity With Sumedh Chatterjee Creativity is a form of expression, however many people have locked up the creative aspects of their lives. What blocks us from unlocking our creativity, how to deal with rejection, How creative helps you in your everyday life, the power of visualization to remove mental blocks and unleashing your creativity, How to monetize your creativity and much more………. KEY TAKEAWAYS When you unlock your creativity, it can be very beneficial to [...]