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Mindset of Millionaires You Need to Develop if You Want to be Wealthy

Many people have been asking, what are the habits and mindset of self-made millionaires? What sets millionaires a part? Why it is that someone can lose millions of dollars today, and leave from a position of being broke in one moment and a millionaire in just few years? In this article I am going to reveal 10 mindset habits that sets millionaires a part from people that are broke and struggling to pay the bills. Please share your thoughts in [...]

habits of successful people

The Power of Habits: 3 Most Important Habits of Successful People

Our habits define who we are as they are the things we do most often. Our habits can either take us off the path of success and lead us downhill, for example going to the club each week and spend all your money on alcohol, or drinking 5 bottles of sodas each day, or our habits can lead us on the path to success, for example feeding your mind by reading an inspirational book for 1 hour each day, [...]