Stepping Outside of The Box and Step Into Your Full Potential

Stepping Outside of The Box and Step Into Your Full Potential

Many people do not reach their full potential because they lock themselves in a box and said “this is how far I will climb, I will never be more than who I am doing”, or “I will never achieve more than I am achieving right now or do more than I am doing right now”. They seems to be saying, “I have reached my limit and there is no more I can give, achieve or be.


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If they are a junior level executive in a company they believe they will cannot rise to the rank of President, CEO or even taking over the company.

If they are a stay-at-home mom they believe that this is their limit, this is their life, they cannot do anything more than being a stay-at-home mom

People believes that the box they are in is the box they have to stay in until the day they die or retire. They have this belief because:

1. Fear: At the root of their fear is the believe that they are not enough and so they ask the question(s):

“What if I fail. What I try and it doesn’t work out?”

“What if I do everything I am suppose to do, and they still don’t accept me or accept my proposal?”

What if………..

Fear stops them or holds them back from playing full out, from stepping outside of their comfort zone, because then they don’t have to deal with rejection, they don’t have to deal with failure.  But my question to you is:

How long are you going to shortchange yourself, shortchange life?

How long are you going to continue to settle for mediocrity when you know you know can be more and achieve more?

How long are you going to allow fear to keep you from your destiny?

2. People Opinion: Who told you that your not good enough? Who told you that what you are seeing and experiencing in your personal life, in your relationship, in your spirituality, in your career/business, and in your finances that this all there is, that you can’t achieve more, be more and do more? Whose opinion or you accepting as facts when your soul is telling you its time to step outside of the box?

Stop accepting what people are saying about your industry or business, stop accepting what people or saying about you and start taking the first step towards the growth you want to experience. Start asking yourself, What if…….. What if I do this, what could I create or achieve? What if I ask for more money at work or start charging more in my business? What if I start playing full out despite of the fear and despite of criticisms from others?

Stepping Outside of The Box

The box is keeping us from growing our companies, businesses and growing as an individual. It is therefore of great importance that if we are going to live up to our full potential that we have to step outside of the box.

Define The box. If we are going to step outside of the box, we first have to define the box, what is the box for you? The box is different things for different people, at a point in my life the box was standing up and speaking before people, especially when I was not confident if what I was going to say was the right thing. For you it could be speaking on a stage before an audience. It could be doing cold calling. Whatever it is, you cannot step outside of the box if you don’t first define what the box is for you. And we won’t be able to see the boxes that restrict us from growing to our full potential, or even as a company or business, until we question things we’ve been told since we were little. These limiting beliefs hold us back and sometimes causes us to sabotage our own success.

We cannot break these limiting beliefs unless we can first identify what these limiting beliefs are. For example, what are the beliefs that you have about money? What are the beliefs you have about your relationships  That belief you hold about money, who taught you those beliefs? Are they helping you to succeed or leading you into a life of lack and struggles? What are the beliefs you hold about relationships? If you are man do you see women as just tools?

If you are If you want to step outside the box, first see the boxes that hold you back.

Get Crystal Clear On What It Is You Want: You know that you are not where you would love to be because you lock yourself in a box, you have identified the beliefs that are holding you back, now you need to define what it is you want. If your box is speaking up in meetings but you are afraid or maybe lack confidence, what is the outcome you would to have? What is it you want in your finances, in your relationships and what is holding you back from getting the results you want?

Let Go Of Fears: Courage is not the absence of fear, it is feeling the fear and do not allow that to stop you from taking actions. Understand that the fear will always be the there, but you can break free from it, and as you take small steps you will begin to gain confidence and boldness you need.

Stop Complaining: Many people want to experience change, but they don’t do anything about it but complain. When you complain about your situation rather than change it, what you are doing is putting up a wall around that already crowded and suffocating box reinforcing as you take up residence there. Everyone has the same opportunity to step out of the box. To grow to their full potential. If your dream is to build a 7 figure business doing what you love, just like the next guy could do it, so can you. If you want to get a raise at work but you are afraid to speak up and demand what you deserve, you have the same opportunity to speak up and get what you want just like the next guy you work with or the next guy from another company. You just to get clear on what is you want, stop complaining and do something about it.

Nothing will change unless you change.

Nothing will change unless you take a step to make it happen and then God will back you.

Nothing will change unless you make a decision that you will no longer stay or live in that box but you will crumple, tear, fold, spindle and obliterate the boxes that keep you timid and hesitant and quiet, and when you do so your muscles will start growing.

Don’t die with the music still in you. Dance as hard as you can, sing as loudly as you can, be brave, be fearless. Remember we are the ones that create the boxes we are in, and only we can break out of them.

Your destiny is calling….. will you answer to the call?

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