Speaking Programs

Eston’s talks are fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Eston has a wonderful ability to customize each talk for his particular audience. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

He is a Success Coach/Trainer, Behavioral Coach, and Motivational Speaker. His motivational talks and seminars on Teams, Productivity, Self-Esteem, Goals, Purpose, Dreams, Achieving Success, Beliefs bring about immediate changes and long-term results

“Eston Swaby came to speak to our young people at our youth empowerment seminar, the session was mentally stimulating, enlightening and interactive. We got a chance to explore our insecurities and were given tools to overcome them. Overall it was good session.”- Haley McFarlane, Youth Empowerment Officer, St. James Youth Information Centre, Jamaica


If you are interested in booking Eston for a seminar, webinar, live or virtual event, please contact Eston Swaby at (876) 829-2429  or Email at: driventosuccess@yahoo.com  to tell us a little bit more about what you are looking for and we will get right back to you to answer your questions.


Here Are Just Some Of The Topics Covered In Eston’s Talks:

He Connects.  He Inspires.  He is Interactive.  He Changes Lives!

That is what Eston does, Eston will deliver a message that will not only empower, inspire and motivate your youths, but it will also changes their lives for the better.  Whether you are looking for a Motivational Speaker to motivate your students, to talk about bullying, setting and achieving their goals and dreams, fulfilling their purpose, achieving success,  Eston tailors his message and meets your needs for a theme or objectives you want.

Creating Your Own Destiny: Rewriting Your Story

Each one of us were born to win. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, the environment you live in, the number of times you fail, nothing matters. You Were Born To Win. Base on lessons that he shared in his life-changing book and stories of his past, Eston Swaby will show your audience that every person has the potential to be a winner: to be their best self, alive, responsive, fulfilled human being. You were born to have more and be more but many of us allow fear, doubt, low self-esteem, our social environment, setbacks, failures and past experience to stop us. It is time to know who you really are, a winner, and start walking in your greatness.

Students will learn to:

  • Not to allow their environment or experiences to hinder them from experiencing increase in their lives
  • Find acceptance in oneself and others
  • Use their obstacles, setbacks as fuels to succeed
  • Getting rid of their limiting beliefs
  • Take more responsibility for their life and actions
  • Write their own stories
  • How to be a record breaker
  • Break negative family cycles and jump higher than those before them
  • They will learn to become unstoppable and to define what is truly possible in each areas of their lives and create a clear and compelling vision for their lives
  • Turn Pain Into Purpose
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Turn obstacles into growth opportunities
  • Step Into Their Greatness and Design Their Own Destiny


                                 FOR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ONLY

Greatness Is Upon You: Turning Dreams into Possibilities

Each one of us is destined for greatness, we were created to be all that we can be. Jumpstart your freshmen students with an empowering speech by Eston Swaby Greatness Is Upon You: Turning Dreams into Possibilities. This talk is guaranteed to nurture the seed of greatness students possess and ignite pursuit in the direction of it. Eston will inform, motivate, challenge, and empower your newest students  to be more than they are now, to achieve greatness in and out of the classroom. They will receive tips and strategies to produce excellence through college and on into their careers.

Students walk away with:

  • How beliefs and confidence will take them from the bottom to the top
  • What makes the great, great
  • How the great started and reached the level they current occupy
  • How to stay motivated despite how they feel and their achievements
  • How to use obstacles, setbacks and failures to fuel their destiny and grow to their full potential

My Life Plan- Designing Your Own Future

Discover the power of creating a compelling vision for your life and how to set goals that really help you to achieve your dreams! Your students will leave this workshop with an action plan for their life, inspired and excited about their future. More important they will discover their purpose and have clarity, clarity gives them the power to create their future. They will learn to be proactive individuals.

Youth Will Learn:

  • How to tune out negative self-talk and use positive thinking to achieve their goals
  • How to create a compelling vision for their future
  • How to define their own worth, goals and success
  • How to step out of their comfort zone, resist peer pressure and make positive choices
  • How to build resilience and bounce back from disappointments
  • How to take control of their current and future success
  • Why developing healthy friendships and relationships is crucial to their success
  • How to handle feedback and take action on their dreams

These principles will leave participants excited about the potential they have for future as they will receive the tools and strategies to make any dreams a reality. This program is more than just a motivational experience as it offers the actual methods, strategies and activities participants need in order to achieve what they want.

Target Audience: Senior and College Students

Format: Available as Workshop

Career Development Workshop

Target Audience: High School or College Students: Many teens and young adults struggle with the decision of what career path they should take. That is pretty understandable when they are bombarded with so many choices and environmental influences. By using DISC Analysis, this career development workshop will help them your audience to better understand their unique behavioral styles and how it will help them to be effective in different settings, and how they can use their passion to lead them in the right direction.

DiSC measures to what degree you are Dominant, Influential, Steady or Conscientious, and how these traits affect the way you function in the workplace. It will help you to decide on what jobs best suit you best, how well you fit into a company’s culture and how you’ll contribute to the company’s overall success – all of which are relevant information for any employer worth their salt.

Format: Best suitable as a as Half-day workshop or  1 1/2hr Keynote

Finding Hope In The Storm

In life, we will face many storms, some of these storms will threatens your very survival. But no matter what the storm is in your life, victory is certain when you learn to put your trust in the master’s hands. In this speech listeners will learn the purpose of their storms, and how they can overcome the different storms of life

Turning Adversities Into Opportunities

Base on his book, An Empowered Life, Eston Swaby will inspire your youth department to rise to their full potential despite of the different adversities they face.

Learning Outcome

  • Finding your purpose in your pain
  • Building resilience
  • Taking Responsibility for your thoughts and actions (being proactive and not reactive)
  • Finding opportunities into your adversities

Eston Swaby is a motivational speaker, behavioral coach (DISC Facilitator/Consultant) and author helping both individuals and businesses achieving maximum growth and and improving performance.  He gains his greatest satisfaction by helping individuals to define a vision, discover their purpose and to live their dreams. He works with companies to define what is truly possible as a company and as an individual.

If you have a particular event theme or objective, please let us know. With sufficient lead time, Eston is happy to construct an empowering motivational speech or workshop that is fully customized for your event and we look forward to hearing your initial thoughts.

Event Options

Eston’s programs are available in a range of interactive delivery formats and can be customized to meet your needs:

  • Conference Keynote or Breakout Sessions: Keynotes generally last 45 minutes to 1 hour and include 15 to 20 minutes of Q&A (most times depending on event). Breakout session lengths vary depending on the client’s needs.
  • Youth Development (45 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A). I will customize a presentation that is relevant and age appropriate, we therefore recommend a narrow age range for youth presentations (i.e., 4th-6th grades; Middle School; High School or College).
  • Church Groups (45 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A). I will customize a presentation base on your theme or topic and suitable for a religious setting
  • Professional Development and Training for Companies/Organizations: Training programs and motivational speeches are tailored to meet your needs and there are several possible session lengths ranging between 45mins, 90-minutes, half-day (3 hours), full-day, and two-days.
  • Workshops: (half-day or full day including Q&A)
  • Retreats: Presentations at retreats are tailored to meet your needs and there are several possible session lengths including 90-minutes, half-day (3-4 hours), full-day (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon), and two-days at your site.
  • Teleseminars, Webinars and LiveStream programs – Eston provides several options for reaching your audience while presenting live or prerecorded content without the travel expenses (45-90 minutes including Q&A)

Eston’s Areas of Expertise

The most popular topics include:

  • Teen/Youth Motivation
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Respect
  • Beliefs, Fear and Self-doubt
  • Goal setting
  • Rejection
  • Workplace empowerment
  • Team Building
  • Achieving your dreams
  • Purpose and Pain
  • Purpose
  • Identity and Strengths
  • Living your dreams

Speaking Fee

Eston Swaby will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget. He likes to book his engagements 2-24 months in advance. Eston also offers volume discounts on his book, An Empowered Life, to be included in your event amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration.

To get a price quote, please call (876) 829-2429 or send
an email to driventosuccess@yahoo.com

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