Rocket Booster Coaching Program

Attention: Coaches, Healers, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, and other Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

Create a Business That Helps You To Make Big Impact on the World, Make $1,000 – $10,000 Per Client, and Work Less

(While Serving More Clients and Spending More Time With Your Family)

Introducing: Rocket Booster Coaching Program

The Only Program You Need To Create a Striving Service-Base and Impact-Driven Online Business

Whether You Want To:

  • Attract Your Dream Clients and Learn How To Market To Them
  • Discover what your passion is and who you are meant to really serve
  • Get clear on what problems you help your clients to solve
  • Create high ticket programs and packages your ideal clients want and ready to buy
  • Charge what you are worth and have the confidence to raise your price
  • Create your own schedule based on the things that are most important to you
  • Create a consistent $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 MONTHLY income from your profitable coaching, consulting, or impact-driven business working with clients you LOVE and getting PAID to wake up each day and ACTUALLY BE in service with your gifts, living your dream.
  • Bridge the gap between having prospects to becoming clients.

Are any of these problems standing between you and the career and life you want to create for yourself?

You’re struggling to get a steady stream of dream clients for your coaching, consulting or professional services business…
You wake up in the morning to only find one or two unqualified leads in your inbox… people with limited budgets, not committed to the process or getting results, and unrealistic expectations…
Most days you feel burnout, tired and frustrated. You are tired of 1-1 coaching but don’t know how to scale your business (or if you can)

You lack the confidence, and accountability to take those steps you know you need to take and so you feel unsure frustrated, and overwhelmed

Are struggling with fear, self-doubt and you are just not sure you can do it, or it will work

You don’t feel passionate about the work you are doing

In short…

You’re running in circles, handling ‘cat and mouse’ stuff instead of doing the work you actually love.

Instead you could be…

Waking up to an inbox bursting with eager-to-buy prospects…

Dealing with potential clients who are banging down your door asking for your help…
So that you get to pick and choose who you want to work (not the other way around)
And then imagine taking your pick of the litter of the best five, 10 or even 50 new DREAM CLIENTS to work with every month.
Setting your own hours and doing the work that lights a fire in your spirit

Here’s what I did wrong


I didn’t have the right SYSTEMS built to generate LEADS and sales everyday so I could spend my time being a coach.


I wasn’t charging enough for my services and to be honest, whenever I got on a call with a potential client, just before telling them my price I would lower it.


I never knew how to market my business effectively. I thought that just being a gifted coach was enough, and I thought that writing a book was going to get me in the BIG TIME without understanding HOW to really market it effectively.

Trying To Serve Everyone

One of the biggest mistakes I made was trying to be a coach for everyone. I didn’t have a clear niche or knew who I really wanted to serve so I tried to serve everyone, but what ended up happening was that I wasn’t serving anyone as I didn’t have a clear message.

A Little Bit About My Story

When I started my coaching business I had these problems:

I wasn’t clear on who I wanted to serve, what where their struggles, how to speak to them or what they wanted. Not only that but I didn’t have a clear niche. I knew I wanted to serve but I thought I could serve everyone and so I wasn’t serving anyone because my message wasn’t clear and targeted to who I wanted to serve.  To make matters worst I was attracting the wrong people when I did get someone to enquire about what I do or got them on a call. I was confused, and desperate. I was desperate for money because I was heavily in debt and living paycheck to paycheck and so I settled for any client I could get, even if that person was paying me $5 and wasn’t who I wanted to serve

Not only wasn’t I clear on my niche, I was struggling to get clients. There were months I never had any clients or even a strategy session. It went to the point I had to settle for coaching someone for $5 for 60mins of my time. Again I remember out of my desperation for making money doing what I love I ended putting out ads for group coaching for $5 per week (including inviting guest experts), and not even that I could sell. Your time is very valuable and if someone is not paying you for your worth then they won’t value your coaching. I had clients I was coaching for free didn’t show up for coaching or wasn’t committed to their own growth

But even if I had strategy sessions, I wouldn’t know how to conduct these. I was terrible at selling and had no confidence in what I was doing. I knew I had a message, I knew I was called to serve, but I didn’t know how to communicate my value effectively or even a process to take them through so they could get the results they want.

I was afraid of not only afraid of communicating my value and taking my potential clients through a process, I was afraid of telling them my price

Your clients come to you because they your help in getting the results they want. Your not there to sell them coaching, coaching is the process, they don’t want the process, they want result. You are here on this page, on this site because you want results. I will show you how a process that will not only give you the process to coach anyone, but to get them results in the shortest possible time.

Become A High-Paid And Sought-After Consultant Using Just The Skills You Already Have....

If you have — or want to have — your own service-based business that you
can start and grow FAST…
That requires very little starting capital…
That allows you to make your day job a distant memory…
That allows you to spend more time with your family and do the things you love
Gives you a platform to service appreciative, great clients (even big multinational organizations if you want to go that way) with coaching, marketing, technical, sales, design…virtually ANY work that requires niche specialization and lateral thinking…
And that ultimately allows you to quickly multiply your personal income by

3X…5X…10X…even 100X

Then I'm Inviting You to Start Using The Strategies and Blueprint That Will Allow You To 10x Your Income


  • A clear business message and vision, and absolute confidence in what you do and why you’re the best person for the job
  • A clear (and natural sounding!) way to talk about what you do — to yourself & to others (no more blank stares or fumbling with your words!)
  • A clear money-making niche that finally feels GOOD with the ability to give your target market exactly what they want
  • Tested your market with proven market research techniques so you never have to guess what they want or what to create for them ever again
  • New packages ready to sell to the right people and have it feel easy  – no more vague, boring services that everyone else is selling
  • Pricing your offers that feels good for you, your clients, and your bank account
  • Sales pages, About pages, and other website copy written with clarity and ease
  • Scripts to help you get your first or next clients easily
  • Automated Systems that help you to attract your ideal clients and serve
  • A business that gives you the time and money freedom you deserve
  • a business earning you $3000, $6000 or 6 figures monthly


The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Gold Package is a 6 month package includes 22 x 45mins coaching sessions, video training modules, worksheets and unlimited Messenger or Email messages (conditions apply-to be discussed)

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Silver Package is a 3 month package includes 9 x 45mins coaching sessions, video training modules, worksheets and unlimited Messenger or Email messages (conditions apply-to be discussed)