An Empowered Life

An Empowered Life


An Empowered Life by Eston Swaby is an inspirational and devotional book written to help you overcome challenges, rejections, setbacks, oppositions and walk in your purpose. It is a book for everyone and for every situation you may face. Start living a victorious life with An Empowered Life.

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Regardless of what you are life is right now or what is happening, regardless of what you past maybe, you can live an empowered life.

You deserve to live An Empowered Life. But………………..

How do you overcome your past? How do you overcome the obstacles you’re facing right now? How do you deal with yourself and the people around you? God made us to be victors and not victims, warriors and not weaklings, overcomers and not to be overcome by fear, low self-esteem, emotional issues, feeling inferior or living below our privilege. Like a bridge was constructed not to break under the pressure of the heavy duty trucks and buses each day, so has the Lord created us not to break under the pressures of life.

However, millions of people are living each day defeated when they should be victors, dying slowly when they should be living to their full potential, in the wilderness of life when they should have been in the Promise Land. If you are one of them, haven’t you gotten tired of living a defeated life? Aren’t you tired of living below your privilege? If you are, then it is time to rise up and start living. In this daily inspirational and devotional book, An Empowered Life, Eston Swaby encourages you to live the best life possible- An Empowered Life. An Empowered Life is:

  • One that is highly motivated, progressive and focused
  • One in which you feel excited and energized
  • Purpose driven, where setbacks don’t stop you
  • When you have a vision for your life and you follow it
  • When the circumstances you face don’t cripple you, hold you captive or destroy you
  • When the past no longer enslaves you, and thoughts of your future don’t frighten you
  • When our words bring life and not death
  • When you live each day in victory

The life God has for you is waiting for you to take hold of it and by reading this daily devotional and inspirational/motivational book you are on your way to live An Empowered Life.

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