Turn Your Talent, Skills and Knowledge Into a Striving Business Using Fiverr

Turn Your Talent, Skills and Knowledge Into a Striving Business Using Fiverr

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I have met a lot of people with great skills and knowledge, and want to use their knowledge and skills to make money, but they just don’t know how to bridge that cap between what they know, and them actually monetizing their gift(s) and knowledge.

And the sad truth is, many of them are really great at what they do and are already doing it for free. So how do you monetize your talent?

That’s where Fiverr comes in.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is essentially a freelance marketplace, where you can buy and sell services starting at $5. Fiverr makes it easy for sellers and buyers to come together under one roof and provides a vast pool of highly-qualified freelancers and buyers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller, Fiverr more than likely have what you need to start and/or grow your business.

If you are buyer, don’t be fool by the low price for services as I have met very talented freelancers who worked very hard to ensure that I was a satisfied buyer.

For example, the logo on my website Driventosuccess, cost me just $5. When I just started my business and didn’t have a lot of money I was able to source freelancers at very low price to get what I wanted. I have done a lot on Fiverr ranging from $5 to over $100. Jobs that would have probably cost me up to $500 or more on Upwork or other freelancing platforms.

For five bucks, you can get a professional-looking logo made, a tshirt design,  a simple contract written or a video recorded. You can get documents translated, hire a virtual assistant, find unique gifts, even commission a human billboard to advertise your business.

You can do just about anything on Fiverr.

I have been on Fiverr for more than 3 years as a seller and as a buyer. As a seller, I have earned more than $500 and have probably spent a little over that buying services from talented freelancers. With Fiverr you can turn your skills and knowledge into a source of constant income.

Of course, I have worked with few freelancers that didn’t do a great job and will never do business with again, but these are few in numbers.

So here are my views about Fiverr, both as a seller and as a buyer.

How To Register With Fiverr?

With Fiverr, you can use a single account system for both Freelancers as well as Buyers so no need to worry about creating two accounts if you want to be a freelancer and a buyer at the same time. This has work really well for me as I can do both at the same time, I can be checking on any gigs purchased by buyers, while I am ordering gigs from other freelancers at the same time.

Registration with Fiverr is very simple and free. Everyone can register with Fiverr without any manual verification process.

So whether you are a freelancer (Seller) or a client (Buyer) you can click the button below and hit the Join button to register for free.

Image result for register for free

Finding Gigs On Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can literally find thousands of services, and hundreds more are being added on a daily. The best way to find services is by using Fiverr’s search engine. With Fiverr search engine you can narrow down your search to find exactly what you are looking for.

To search for a service on Fiverr:

  1. From the homepage, in the top search bar, enter the term you are searching for and click Find icon (or press Enter).
    If you are visiting Fiverr (i.e., not logged in), you can enter a term in the homepage banner area and click Search.As you type in your term Fiverr will come up with most common search terms and the category you can find it in. For example, if you enter “logo”, the autocomplete will suggest “logo design”. 
  2. Once on the results page, you can find specific filters at the top of the page and on the side of the page. These filters vary depending on the category or subcategory.
The following are the most common filters, located on the left side of the page:
  • Delivery Time: This filter allows you to find sellers based on delivery time.
  • Price Range: This filter allows you to search between two price points.
  • Online Status: This filter lets you know that the user is currently logged in to Fiverr’s website or mobile application.
  • Seller Level: This filter allows you to find sellers based on their levels, from a new seller to a top-rated seller.
  • Seller Language: Fiverr sellers are located in all parts of the world. Sellers can indicate which languages they speak, allowing you to filter by language and providing you with the opportunity to write to a seller in your native language.
Depending on the category, you will see more filters. For example, Graphics & Design has Style, File Format, and Service Includes to better narrow down what you are looking for.

Finding anything you need on Fiverr from Fiverr on Vimeo.

Paying for Services on Fiverr

To order any gig, you have to first login. Once you are login and find a gig you like, you can learn more about the gig and if you like what you see you can either contact the seller, add to favorites to review at another time.

On the gig page you can look at the seller’s work samples or customer reviews further down the page. If you need more information you can contact the seller prior to ordering. Once you are satisfied that the seller will be able to do the job well, proceed to order. Fiverr allows you to pay using  money you have in your Fiverr account, using PayPal or Credit Card.

Fiverr will hold your payment until the seller delivers your order. If for whatever reason the seller doesn’t deliver your order you can request a refund and the money will be added to your Fiverr account.

Placing an Order from Fiverr on Vimeo.

Fiverr Levels

Fiverr has a level system for its freelancers base on their performance on the platform. Higher levels allow freelancers to create more Gigs and offer more Gig Extras and Gig Multiples with each Gig.

Great customer service, timely service delivery, high quality service and great customer ratings will earn you a new level status and benefits. The higher your level is, the better your chances are of making a lot of money through Fiverr.

The level system is also helpful for buyers, as freelancers at higher levels are usually most trustworthy than freelancers at lower levels.

Below are the various levels at Fiverr along with their benefits:

New Seller

Benefits available to New Seller

  • 7 Active Gigs
  • 2 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20)
  • 5 Gig Multiples

Level 1

Criteria for reaching Level 1

  • 30 days active on Fiverr
  • Completed at least 10 individual orders
  • Maintain a 4 star rating and above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

Benefits available to Level 1 seller

  • 15 Active Gigs
  • 4 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40)
  • 10 Gig Multiples

Level 2

Criteria for reaching Level 2

  • Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
  • Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

Benefits of Levels 2 seller

  • 20 Active Gigs
  • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • 15 Gig Multiples
  • Priority customer support

Top Rated Seller

Criteria for being a Top Rated Seller

  • Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Have a low cancellation rate
  • Community leadership
  • Volume of sales

Benefits of a Top Rated Seller

  • 20 Active Gigs
  • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • 15 Gig Multiples
  • Priority customer support

Advantages Of Fiverr For Freelancers

1. Better opportunities to get work. Because gigs on Fiverr starts at $5 to do just about anything, a lot of people switch to Fiverr for completing basic tasks and hence it is easier to get freelance work. I have personally hired freelancers to design t-shirts, logos, banners, brochures, business cards, editing my book, articles and more on Fiverr. Most of these gigs would have probably cost me over $500 on Upwork.

2. Anyone can use Fiverr to earn a living. A plus for Fiverr is that you do not need to have any technical skills to sell on Fiverr. Anyone with creativity can earn money with Fiverr.

3. You get paid to do what you love. I am all in for making money doing what you love. If you have a passion, why not monetize it? You can do just that on Fiverr. You can get paid to review or translate a document, to do design work, to offer advice, to market someone product or service, to share a picture on Instagram to your followers. You can make money doing just about anything.

4. It is so easy for buyers to find your Gig. Getting exposure on Fiverr is very easy as buyers will be searching for your gig and not so much your name.

5. Promote your gig. With Fiverr, you can promote your  Gig on social media to get more orders.

6. Work from anywhere. Fiverr gives you the option to work from anywhere in the world once you have access to the internet.

7. Set your own work schedules. You are your own boss, decide when you want to work and when you want to take a break.8. Don’t Have to Bid to Get Clients. Unlike other freelance websites such as Guru or Upwork, you don’t bid on projects.

Disadvantages Of Fiverr For Freelancers

1.  You have very little control over which gigs you accept or who you work with. When  a buyer orders a gig, you automatically accepts the gig.

2. Can be very difficult when you are just starting to get first few orders. When you are new, not many people want to take a chance with you when they could easily hire another seller who has a proven track record with plenty of past glowing reviews.

3. Fiverr Rating system can destroy your business. When buyers leave a negative review, even if they are at fault, this can seriously affect your earnings potentials as potential buyers will be looking at your reviews before they decide to use your service or not to use your service.

3. Might have a hard time getting buyers. I have gigs on Fiverr that no one have ever ordered. When you are selling a popular gig on one of the largest marketplace, your Gig may never be visible to the clients.

4. Commission is very high. Fiverr charges a very high commission on gigs purchase. This might not hurt you when the gig is for $5, but when someone orders  a e.g. $60 gigs, you might have to hand over to Fiverr upward to $20.  20% revenue sharing with Fiverr is a very high fee for them to host your services, other sites do it for less.

5. Long Period to Receive payments. You have to wait 14 days before you can receive payments after a gig has been closed.

6. Fiverr can ban you without giving any reason if they feel you violate their T&C. This will hurt more for top rated sellers who worked really hard to get good ratings to his account.

Image result for register for free

Advantages Of Fiverr For Buyers

1. Don’t have to pay a lot to get what you want. For as low as $5 you can order a logo, design, market your product/service, or just about anything you want to. So if $5 is all your budget is,  you can get better services at Fiverr, than Upwork or other Freelance websites.

2. If seller doesn’t deliver, you can get your money back. If the seller does deliver and you are not satisfied and want to move on, you won’t lose a lot of money.

3. Fiverr offers a variety of Gigs for you to choose from.

4. Look at Reviews. Before you make an order, you can look at previous customer reviews before you make a decision.

Disadvantages of Fiverr For Buyer

1. A lot of people buy fake reviews by asking their friends to purchase Gigs and then provide them a 5-star rating. This makes the rating system very unreliable.

2. You have to pay minimum service fee, even for a $5 Gig.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr is a phenomenal platform to both make money doing what you love, and for scaling or branding your business. It provides both buyers and sellers secure communications  and handles payment transactions. You can pay via PayPal, credit card or other electronic payments.

Overall, Fiverr is freelance website that allows sellers a lot of freedom in what they choose to offer and what extras they choose to charge for. If you are looking to transition from a 9-5 job to being your own boss doing what you love, Fiverr is a great marketplace to check out. I cannot tell you how many times I have been able to pay for hosting and do other work on my business with earnings from Fiverr.

And the best part is, its free to get started.

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