How To Learn From Your Mistakes

How To Learn From Your Mistakes

Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills.


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Our parents always tell us that we need to learn how to live from the mistakes of other people. They advise to avoid such faults in the future and we should recognize that these pieces of advice are really wise and useful.

However, experience shows that theory and reality are like chalk and cheese. People often repeat not only mistakes of other people, but also their own mistakes. We usually do not even try to develop our character and change our life, when we commit similar blunders repeatedly. That is why we decided to form the list of tips and pieces of advice for you, which will help to avoid similar mistakes in your life and learn the right lessons from your mistakes. We promise that after the reading of this article, your life will be simplified and become more cheerful. So, discover with us some precious info about the basis of our existence.

Admit your mistakes

Some people, especially narcissistic, just do not even try to allow themselves to think about their mistakes. They usually think that they are “sinless”, ideal and that they always are right.  However, it is not so. People are living beings, not robots and they can make mistakes sometimes. It is a normal process. We just have to understand this dogma. According to this concept, we should not be ashamed of our mistakes. If you really admit and promise yourself to avoid them furtherly, you should not worry about them. Therefore, the first step towards solving the problem is its recognition.

Do not forget to apology

Second, always try to apologize for your mistakes! We know that it is a really painful process and apologizing is not always an easy task, but you have to do that. When you apologize, you build a good basis for better relationships with your friends, family, colleagues and other surrounding people. Make it clear that it was an accident, which will not happen again. A good apology is a good start for the restoration of truth.

If you do not apologize, the offended person will treat you with hostility. If you apologize sincerely, then the other person will be glad to forget about your mistake. The most effective is a personal apology, rather than a short message or letter. However, you should not continue to apologize for mistakes every time. Some people continue to apologize again and again. It is annoying. It will be better to apologize once sincerely and just move on.

Do not be a perfectionist

If you live with a constant fear of making mistakes, then you will spend most of your life without doing anything. There is no shame in making mistakes. It is an essential part of our life.  If you feel the need to avoid mistakes at any price, you will create a psychological barrier with people and the whole world in general that surround you.

Do not waste time trying to justify the mistakes

The justification of all actions is our natural instinct. When you make a mistake, the initial reaction is to try to reprimand of someone else.  You should remember one important thing! The victim is hardly interested in your excuses. We justify mistakes for the sake of our ego. Sometimes it is better to say, “Yes, I did a mistake.”

Find out why did you occur an error

Errors occur due to various reasons. In order to avoid repetition, you need to understand the main reason of them. For example, you can talk with someone in anger and hastily. You can just apologize for your behavior and forget about this accident. However, there is a big probability that this situation will be repeated in the future. According to this fact, you have to try to figure out the reason of such conduct. What did make you angry in this case? Perhaps you are tired. Maybe you try to hide a senseless resentment on someone. If you made a mistake due to the fact that you constantly feel tired, try to sleep more. If you are constantly tense, find ways to relax and to avoid such situations.

Avoid repeating mistakes

You should not blame yourself for making mistakes, but at the same time, you must make a decision to learn from them some lessons. If you repeat the same mistakes, then it suggests that you want to stop the progress. Usually, such conduct causes suffering. Mistakes are the result of bad habits. In order to avoid committing the same mistakes, you need to get rid of bad habits. This requires careful and constant effort to change your way of thinking. However, the sooner you will try to change your habits, the sooner you will begin to avoid repeat mistakes.

Mistakes are like an opportunity to learn

With the help of their own mistakes, you can earn wisdom and even develop yourself. You should consider your mistakes as a promotion to a higher understanding of reality and a better attitude towards life.

Not everything at once

People adore situations when they get all and immediately. However, to develop yourself, you should avoid some mistakes step by step. Determine your mistake and try to avoid it, then repeat this algorithm with another your disadvantage. Continue this process during your whole existence and quality of life will improve. You will improve the relationship with the most important people for you, gain the success at work and, of course, you will avoid the bunch of different problems in almost all spheres of life.

Therefore, our article is a guide, which contains general principles of life of most successful people. Use these tips in your daily regime and you will simplify your life. Keep in mind our pieces of advice and believe me, you will feel the difference in the nearest future.



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