EP7: Chasing Your Passion and Your Dreams With Tania Hassounia

EP7: Chasing Your Passion and Your Dreams With Tania Hassounia

The Dream Achievers podcast

Chasing Your Passion and Your Dreams With Tania Hassounia

When you live on purpose and do work that you love, you will an abundant and joyful life. However many people are busy chasing the wrong thing in life and so they do not enjoy the joy and fulfillment that the creator God has for them. In this interview with Tania, we talk about living on purpose, the importance of faith and believing in yourself and dreams and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • How voluntarism can help to grow your business
  • The importance of faith in helping you to become person you want  to be and building your business
  • The number one strategy Tania Hassounia used to grow her business while adding value
  • How you can grow your business by not following the traditional way of building a business
  • The importance of tapping into what God has for you if you want to actually be successful
  • How offering your service for free could actually make you a success financially and other wise
  • Why you should do what you love and not just for money and how by doing what you love will bring you much success
  • How to find your purpose and the importance of finding and living on purpose
  • How you can add value by building relationships which will have people recommending your service


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