EP6: Getting Organize So You Can Grow Effectively With Samantha Pointer

EP6: Getting Organize So You Can Grow Effectively With Samantha Pointer

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Getting Organize So You Can Grow Effectively With Samantha Pointer

Samantha Pointer, is a Technology Organizing Coach and founder of Get IT Together!. Known as the “Technology Organizingguru”, Samantha teaches her clients that utilizing technology can help save them time, money, increase productivity, reduce stress and increase the bottom line in their business. Samantha bridges the gap between technology and organization with coaching, workshops, and online training.

In this episode we talked about the importance of automating your business and how to get more done with less effort so you can have time and money to do the things that really matters in your business.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of automating and organizing their business and how it helps your business to grow
  • The effects of not organizing and automating your business (how not doing it will affect your growth)
  • The key steps in organizing your business
  • How automating your business will lead to you focusing on doing what is in your zone of genius and not be focusing on doing different
  • How to prevent being pull in different direction and focus on what is actually important so you can get more done and schedule your time effectively
  • How to organize your time effectively so you can get more done and not get pulled away in different direction (learn what to do so that you don’t get overwhelm by emails)
  • What should businesses that don’t have a lot of money focus on when they are just starting out
  • What to do so you will not feel burden down and burn out
  • Tools you can use to make your life much better


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