EP3: Finding Your Life’s Purpose With Victor Frost

EP3: Finding Your Life’s Purpose With Victor Frost

The Dream Achievers Podcast

Finding Your Life Purpose With Victor Frost

Your life purpose is that thing that excites you, that thing you are passionate about and will do it even if you are not being paid to do it. It lights a fire within you whenever you are doing it. However, ,many people do not know what their life purpose is and so they go through life without any sense of direction, or they live a miserable and unfulfil life. That is no way you should live your life.

Victor Frost is living his life purpose, but he was not always living his life purpose, like many people he was just trying to survive each day more than living, but one day he got tired of living the way he was, he got tired of just trying to survive each day, tired of building someone’s else and was not feeding what he was put on earth to do.

When you are not living your life purpose it is like you are floating in an open sea with any direction. When you find that thing that you are passionate about doing and will do it all day even if no one will pay you to do it just because you love to do it, its your passion, then you know you have found your life purpose.

Key Takeways

What your life purpose is (this will probably shock many people. Hint: it is not some big thing that you need a coach or someone with experience to help you figure out)
When we walk in our purpose that is when we are able to make the most impact in the world
Your educations, experiences, situations you have been through, are all preparation to prepare you to walk in your life purpose
How situations in our lives sometimes leads us to find our purpose like a pathway well laid out for you
Many times we are chasing our purpose without realizing it
How we can turn our pain into purpose
How believes and purpose come into play for you to achieve success

“if you work your passion everyday, you will never have a job in your life because it will never feel like work to you”- Victor Frost Click To Tweet “find your passion, and then figure out how to make money from it” Click To Tweet JOIN THE CONVERSATION

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