Don’t Let Fear Cripple You

Don’t Let Fear Cripple You

Excerpt from my book, An Empowered Life, available at


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“The man who is bound by fear of failing will never succeed or grow to his full potential, whether in life as a person, or as a Christian, because how can you move forward if you fear making mistakes? If you fear that what God told you to do is not from God, how will you grow? If you fear going forward and letting go of the past, you will forever be stuck in the past. Fear is therefore the enemy of your purpose and the anointing. Fear keeps you in bondage to self.”

Fear is one of the most deadly poisons that the enemy uses to cripple humanity. It does not only stop an individual from accomplishing much in life, or growing as an individual; it also robs an individual of his or her anointing and purpose. There are many people living at this very moment in time that have lost potentially good relationships or lucrative financial and business opportunities, and have not grown to their full potential because of fear.

One of the things with fear that makes it so deadly is that it is widespread and very contagious. Go into a room with everyone being afraid and you too will start feeling fear slowly creeping in. Additionally, many times we cannot explain why we are afraid of something, but just because we saw or heard of someone being afraid of something, we too began to express fear of that thing. Fear robs a person of finding new pathways in life; it robs an individual of their inner peace, joy and happiness, and is powerful enough to rob you of your purpose and anointing. Yet, all of us suffered or have experienced some form of fear one time or another in our lives; and many of you reading this book right now are being crippled spiritually and otherwise by fear. No one is exempt; whether you are well educated or not, in the upper-class or lower class, rich or poor; everyone faces something in life that causes them to be fearful. The fear of the unknown is very powerful.

But what, really, is fear? Fear is an emotion that is displayed when there is an expectation of harm or pain, whether emotionally or physically. Fear is characterized by alarm, dread, and disquiet. But the meaning of fear I would like to look at in this book is the acronym FEAR- False Evidence Appearing to be Real. If you should take the time to look at some of the things you had been fearful of in the past week or month, but are not afraid of anymore, you would immediately ask yourself, ‘Why was I afraid of this thing again?’ That is why fear is False Evidence Appearing to be Real; it’s in our imagination.

Yes, we will encounter serious threats in our lives, for example, being attacked by a madman with a gun is nothing to be looked at as being false; it is a real fear that can make a grown man wet his pants. However, the fear I am talking about is the fear of the unknown. The fear of expressing yourself around others; the fear of letting go of the past or someone you really care about; the fear of applying for that job or leaving your family behind to go overseas to further your education; the fear of when the Lord tells you to do something and you immediately freeze because you are afraid of what people may say or do. I am talking about the fear that gets you trembling, but at the same time is not life threatening or really there.

Many of us can testify that fear is one of our biggest problems that we are trying to get rid of; but at the same time we make no real effort to shed ourselves of this deadly skin. I have had times in my life when I should have stood up for my right or the rights of others; but instead of doing what I was supposed to do, I was paralyzed by fear; the consequences sometimes were very costly, emotionally and otherwise. Additionally, there are times when the Lord had specifically told me to pray for someone, but I didn’t, and the consequence of not doing so was very costly. A friend of mine was instructed by the Lord to call someone, but she didn’t because of fear. The person committed suicide that same night. No wonder the apostle Paul wrote to encourage Timothy not to be fearful when he said, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (1 Timothy 1:7). No doubt Paul had first-hand experiences of the paralyzing effect fear has on an individual.

There is a great truth I want to share with each one of you, and that is: Fear is only in our imagination; it is not real.

Just because you had a bad experience with someone last week, it doesn’t mean you will have the same bad experience with that person the next time around. You called to a gentleman yesterday and he responded in a very harsh manner, but that doesn’t mean he will not respond to you in a positive manner the next time around; perhaps he was having a very frustrating morning and you called to him when he was in a very bad state of mind.

I will not lie to you; to get rid of fear will cost you every ounce of strength you have. For example, to stand up to your brother who is always belittling you, or to move out on faith when all your previous experiences were negative; however, once you step out with the knowledge that what you are about to do is the right move, and that God is directing your steps, the reward you will receive could change your life forever. Let go and let God have his way in your life. You will never move forward in life if you allow fear to hold you down. God did not give you the spirit of fear, so fear is therefore not from God, but from the devil- and we know that nothing good comes from the devil, as he only comes “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. Jesus comes so that you “might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). Boldness brings life.

Moving Forward

Many people remain stagnant spiritually and in life because of fear, while they watch others passing them by the roadside- you probably are one of them. Haven’t you had enough of fear holding you down? Perhaps it is time you look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘How long am I going to allow fear to keep me down?’ Now rise up against fear by going outside and shout as if you are shouting to someone, and say at the top of your voice: ‘I WILL NOT BE AFRAID ANYMORE!!!’ Keep repeating it a few times until it’s buried in your spirit; say it with confidence.c Now whenever fear creeps in, tell yourself, ‘I am not afraid, I am not afraid, I am not afraid.’ Remember, there will be times you will make mistakes, but do not allow your mistakes to hinder you the next time opportunities come your way, as the only person who never makes a mistake is God. Also remember that the person you are fearful of is a mere human being who also has fears, and is just as much flesh and blood as you are.

NB: This is an excerpt from my book, An Empowered Life, get your copy now at

About the Author: Eston Swaby is a Success Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker, his passion is to work with youths and young adults (but I also work with other individuals) to get clear on their dreams and purpose, remove blocks and have the courage to live their dream life and enjoy a life of abundance and meaning. Request a free Strategy session with (there is no obligation to hire me as your coach, I just want to serve you) FREE COACHING STRATEGY SESSION

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