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Managing Your Inbox: How To Stop Being a Slave To Your Emails

Like many of you, I was a slave to my inbox for a very long time. I felt as if I had to be checking my emails constantly, I felt like I could not miss out on any of the 'great' information the many newsletters had to give me that day. I became a slave to my emails and it was affecting my productivity. Times that should have been spent working in my business was spent checking emails and visiting [...]

5 Best Productivity Hacks To Be More Productive In Your Business

If you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to be productive. A productive entrepreneur or person is one who takes the same 24hrs we all have been given, and do more with it by engaging in activities that generate more value and progression. When you reach a point where your days are spent mostly on trying to achieve your goals, then you are going to live a productive life and business.  Especially if you are currently [...]

Sharpen Your Ax (your skills), Becoming Better At What You Do

The Bible says in Proverbs 10:10, "If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success"-Ecclesiastes 10:10 Lets say you are trying to cut down a tree, but your ax is very dull, how hard do you think you will have to work, and how much energy will you have to use to cut down that tree? If you think it will take a much longer time than if the ax was sharp [...]

Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

Everyone of us have goals and dreams, everyone of us wants to improve our lives. But why is it that most of us don't live our dreams or achieve our goals? Why is it that some people remains stuck at the same place year after year while some people keep smashing their goals and achieving their dreams? Are they better than those who don't achieve their goals? Of course not......... Most people suck at implementation. They know what needs to be [...]

4 Ways To Stay Focused In A World Full Of Distractions

I have a big problem, and I know many of you also have this problem as entrepreneurs. Many times I go online to work on my business, or I would go on Facebook to create content for my Facebook Group: Turn Your Passion Into Profit and hours went by and I did not do what I had set out to do. It is so easy to get caught doing work that will not move you further in your business [...]

Do You Have a Plan B When It Comes To Your Goals and Dreams?

If you are no where close to achieving the goals you had set for 2018, WE NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING ASAP! What am I talking about? The way you achieve your goals. Listen, the year is three-quarters of the way over...the 4th quarter is now well in play. How close are you to achieving those goals and dreams? Let's take a quick inventory to see how well your Plan A is working and determine if you need to make an immediate course correction...before you [...]

What You May Not Know About People That Are Successful

Many times when we look at people that are successful, what we see is the house, the car, the rich lifestyle, the money, the business, but what we might now be seeing...................................... What this video to learn more (Click here to watch on YouTube) Please follow me on Social Media and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Twitter: @estonswaby Facebook: @estonswabypage Instagram: @estonswaby Please leave a comment

20 Things Rich People Do Everyday, That Poor People Don’t

Everyone can become rich, it doesn't matter your past experiences, where you live, who your parents are, how many times you failed, you have the potential to become a millionaire. If you are willing to do what the rich do, you will become rich. Wealthy people are not better than you, it is just that they do some things that poor people don't do that set them a part.  I heard someone said sometime ago, don't remember who right [...]

30 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You to Believe in Yourself (my favorite is #15)

I know, sometimes it can be hard to believe in yourself. I have that problem too, not because I teach about mindset means that I am always confident, I struggle too. Anyone who tells you that they are always confident or believe in themselves are lying. But because we know exactly what to do, we are able to take steps to remove doubts and fears immediately. Here are 30 motivational quotes to help you to start believing in yourself: 1. "As [...]

Millionaire Mindset: 11 Principles To Help You Become a Millionaire and Enjoy Financial Freedom

If you should do a survey, most people dream of getting rich and achieving financial freedom The sad fact is: for 95% of people, it’s not a reality. Most people only want to get rich, they are not willing to apply the right principle or formula to get there. If you are going to achieve financial freedom you have to learn and model the right people (most poor people models other poor people and hate the rich), follow the right formula [...]