Dreams and Goals

Top 10 Effective Online Passive Income Ideas #infographic

Gone are the days when you could only choose one stream of income, in today's market, you can any amount of income stream you want earning you money while you sleep. To earn passive income online, the main things you need are: A vision: What do you want to achieve? This will help you to decide or get clear on the different income stream you want to get involve in. Goals: Goals give you a definite target and steps to [...]

12 Great Reason Why You Need to Hire a Coach Right Now To Achieve Your Dreams

Chances are you work very hard and have great dreams, but for some reason you are not getting the results you want. MAYBE YOU: Feel stuck – unsure how to get started and boost your income? Tired of going home from a job/career you no longer have any passion for tired, feeling unfulfilled and frustrated? Wondering how have your life gotten to where it is now: unpaid bills because the work you are doing is not generating enough income to [...]

Believe The Dream and Do not Give Up

All of us have dreams, we know what we want to achieve, but working and talking to a lot of people I realize that a lot of us do not achieve our dreams because we stop believing in our dreams and throw in the towel. You have to hold unto that dream no matter what happens I don’t believe that any dream or vision we might have wasn’t given to us, all of our dreams and vision was given to us [...]

Stepping Outside of The Box and Step Into Your Full Potential

Many people do not reach their full potential because they lock themselves in a box and said "this is how far I will climb, I will never be more than who I am doing", or "I will never achieve more than I am achieving right now or do more than I am doing right now". They seems to be saying, "I have reached my limit and there is no more I can give, achieve or be. If they are a [...]

Don’t Let Fear Cripple You

Excerpt from my book, An Empowered Life, available at Amazon.com “The man who is bound by fear of failing will never succeed or grow to his full potential, whether in life as a person, or as a Christian, because how can you move forward if you fear making mistakes? If you fear that what God told you to do is not from God, how will you grow? If you fear going forward and letting go of the past, you will [...]

Taking Actions On Your Dreams and Goals Despite The Fear

All of us were created with the wisdom, knowledge, skills, gifts/talents and the abilities to achieve our dreams and fulfill our purpose. I strongly believe that there is a divine assignment on your life, something(s) you were put on earth to do and if you are still alive that means that your job is not done, there is still work for you to do. Whatever your assignment is, you have what it takes to fulfill it, if you don't [...]

EP13: Do not allow fear to stop you from living your dreams

The Dream Achievers podcast Do not allow fear to stop you from living your dreams What is stopping many of you right now from going after your dreams are not lack of resources like money or contacts, but what is stopping many of you is fear. The fear of what people will say, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, while for many of you it is the fear of success. In this episode, motivational speaker, coach and author and the [...]

EP5: The Three Things That Stops Us from Living (or Achieving) Our Dreams

The Dream Achievers podcast The Three Things That Stops Us from Living (or Achieving) Our Dreams Many people they have great dreams and they have went through the process of setting clear and specific goals, they have dreams and goals that are achievable and they have everything they need to achieve their dreams, but for some reason they have not been able to breakthrough. In this episode, I talk about 3 of the things that may be stopping you from living your [...]

EP4: The Importance of having a healthy lifestyle and happiness in living our dreams with Dr Toni Camacho

The Dream Achievers podcast The Importance of having a healthy lifestyle and happiness in living our dreams with Dr Toni Camacho Dr. Toni Camacho is a Holistic Health Practitioner/Registered Herbalist. She is the founder of Moongazing Herbal Apothecary which is a company that provides professional and natural health solutions for skin care and total health and well-being. Her vision is to make accessible and affordable organic herbal health and skin care products, that may be used as safe alternatives to the synthetic medications and skin care products [...]

002: Unlocking Your Inner Creativity With Sumedh Chatterjee

The Dream Achievers podcast Unlocking Your Inner Creativity With Sumedh Chatterjee Creativity is a form of expression, however many people have locked up the creative aspects of their lives. What blocks us from unlocking our creativity, how to deal with rejection, How creative helps you in your everyday life, the power of visualization to remove mental blocks and unleashing your creativity, How to monetize your creativity and much more………. KEY TAKEAWAYS When you unlock your creativity, it can be very beneficial to [...]