Breakthrough Group Coaching

Hi my name is Eston Swaby, author of the motivational book, An Empowered Life

BreakThrough To A Better Life With Breakthrough Group Coaching

This is an opportunity for quality coaching for a small donation. Read on if you do not have a coach or the financial capacity at this time to acquire a full-paid coach.

I am a strong believer that each one of us have the capacity or the ability to grow to our full potential, to become what we were made to be. I believe that the creator has invested gifts and talents in us and given us dreams. He gave you these for you to use to live a meaningful and empowered life.

I am also a strong believer that investing in coaching and personal development is critical to growth, self worth and motivation and have been doing so personally for the past 10 years.  However, many of us are not able to afford coaching with all the expenses that comes with living in a modern society: bills, taking care of children, food and so forth- I’ve been there.

With 2018 on the rise and my commitment to serve to help as many people as possible- 1 billion people around the globe, I am offering 12 coaching sessions for 90 days. Group Coaching starts on December 2, 2017.


1) this is a 3 month commitment of meeting once per week as a group through video chat for an hour to discuss whatever you want to talk about from the list below

2) You must have zoom install on your PC (it is free)

3) You must have a burning desire and belief that having a life coach would make the difference in upleveling your self-confidence, beliefs, believe, discipline, follow-through and income in a tremendous way.

4) You must be willing to attend each session on time and not miss more than 2 sessions or the agreement will be dissolved.

5) You must make a monetary investment/commitment of $10 pers coaching session totaling 12 sessions billed one time per month. You must make first payment by November 6, 2017.

During our time together you will:

  • Break your bad habits that maybe stopping your success and replace these with success habits
  • Design a compelling and attractive future
  • Take 100% Responsibility for the life you want and the results (once you understand this principle you will become unstoppable)
  • Stop being a victim of circumstances, the market, your environment and start living as the victor you truly are
  • Identify and Break Free from any limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back and exchange these with empowering beliefs
  • Get clarity on what you really want in each of the different areas of your life
  • Get rid of anything that could be a hindrance to you creating the life you want
  • Get clear on what your purpose in life is
  • Monetize your gift and talents
  • Set goals that will take you from where you are to where you want to go, and actually achieve them this time
  • Break free from fear and your comfort zone so you can live a truly remarkable life
  • And many more……………..


  • Finally receive the accountability you need to make your dreams a reality
    Meet New Friends
  • Free copy of my book, “An Empowered Life”
  • Downloadable Workbook and Exercises to move you forward
  • Be a part of loving and supportive group of like-minded people that will encourage you on your journey
  • Expert Guests Interviews and teaching session
  • Downloadable Recordings of each session (even if you miss a session)
  • Learn tools and strategies to transform your life
    Topics: Self-esteem, Goal settings, beliefs, dreams, vision, giving birth to your dreams, finances, relationships, breaking bad habits, health & Wellness etc. You set the agenda for the meeting (however there will be a 10-15mins teaching session)Location: Online video conference (we meet once per week)

If you want to apply for this opportunity, please click on the buy now button below. Notice what story you’re telling yourself as you read this.


Now is the time to radically transform your life and get the results you have been waiting for.

Hurry!! Limited Spaces Available

Thank you for your interest in Breakthrough Group Coaching. Please complete the form below. You will be taken to PayPal to complete payment. Thank you!

Total Cost: $120 (3×40) YOU WILL BE ASK TO MAKE FULL PAYMENT (if you want to be billed monthly please contact me at to make arrangements

If you decide to stop at any time, we will refund you remaining money (you must cancel before midnight Saturday else you will not be refunded for the proceeding week)

(If you have any problems using the form below to pay $120, please send payment through PayPal to

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