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Eston Swaby is recognized as life-changing and empowering motivational speaker and coach helping both youths and adults to achieve greater level of success, self-esteem, get rid of limiting beliefs and limitations, making their dreams a reality, setting goals, and pursuing your dreams. He helps his audience to understand that they were all born to be champions and give them the strategies to be winners. Eston is the author of the book “An Empowered Life” and have been featured in The Gleaner newspaper.

Details for Booking Eston Swaby

To inquire about Eston’s availability for media and spokesperson opportunities, e-mail (fastest response) or call +(876) 829-2429

Eston’s Availability

  • Based in Westmoreland, Jamaica
  • Available for in-studio interviews, television bookings, expert commentary, and other media opportunities, as well as live and satellite media tours
  • Nationwide and International availability by arrangement
  • Last-minute appearances based on availability

Areas of Expertise

From dreams to teen motivation and empowerment, Eston will bring a fresh and engaging perspective to your next segment. Topics she can cover include:

  • Teen/Youth Motivation
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Respect
  • Beliefs, Fear and Self-doubt
  • Goal setting
  • Rejection
  • Workplace empowerment
  • Team Building
  • Achieving your dreams
  • Purpose and Pain
  • Purpose
  • Identity and Strengths
  • Living your dreams
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