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Motivational Speaker, Success Coach & Trainer, Christian Counselor, Author, DISC Consultant, Minister & Founder of DrivenToSuccess.co and Biblewaymag.com


Eston is described as “Real… Engaging… Inspiring… Interesting… Dynamic… Empowering… Uplifting… Motivating……Spiritual!” by people who have been touched by his empowering messages of hope and empowerment. Eston has helped many teens, Christians/Non Christians, and adults to change their lives, to believe in their dreams and themselves, to pursue their purpose and to grow to their full potential.

Motivated to teach, empower, motivate and inspire youths, companies and adults across the globe, Eston is a high energy, “tell it like it is” motivational speaker, DISC Consultant (Behavioral Coach), and Success Coach & Trainer. He is passionate about helping people succeed to succeed in business, in their Christian walk with God, in their relationships and other areas of their lives. His focus however is mainly on helping people to become the best version of themselves in every aspects of their lives, to fulfill their purpose and to live their dreams.

He is on a mission to help people to believe in themselves and their dreams regardless of what people may say about them because of his own experiences of facing rejection for many years. For many years Eston hated his life and could not see anything good about his life and his future, he was a man without hope. For years he lived a defeated life: bound by fear, doubt, insecurities and hopelessness until God interrupted the way he was thinking and living his life. It seems like he had a special talent for sabotaging his own life because he had allowed people opinion of him and his environment to limit his vision and to hold him captive in a mental prison of doubt, fear and despair.

Eston has a particular passion for helping people realize their purpose and to fulfill it and to follow their dreams, to change their thoughts and behaviors and to stop sabotaging their lives, work and relationships by the way they think, the habits hold.

Eston empowers people to transcend their limitations, live their dreams and to fulfill their purpose while becoming the best version of themselves. Eston loves to talk about success, leadership, purpose, dreams, team building, beliefs and the power of your words and thoughts, overcoming adversities and giving birth to your gifts and talents.

Whether you want to become the best version of yourself by growing to your full potential, overcome your challenges and your past, change how you think and speak, build more confidence and live a more fulfill life through Success coach or Counseling, prepare for the adventure of marriage through premarital counseling, finally meet “the one” through dating coaching or rebuild your life after a break up I can help you.

A empowering speaker for schools, churches, and companies, Eston is the perfect speaker and coach if you are looking to bring about lasting changes in your own life or the lives of your audience or company. He always tailors his message to the theme of your event and goals. Whether that is motivation, bullying, confidence, team building, trainer or coaching, Eston is here to help you make your dreams a reality. His life story of rejection, defeat, restoration, faith, and believes and empowerment have helped to transform many lives, and he wants to do the same for you.


Eston holds a Bsc in Psychology from the University of West Indies Jamaica, and is also Certified as a Behavioral Coach (DISC Consultant/Coach) by Success With People Academy at UTECH Jamaica.


Eston is the author of “An Empowered Life”, a motivational and devotional book.  “An Empowered Life”,  teaches and empowers readers to overcome their challenges, get past their fears, get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding them back and replace these with empowering beliefs, how to deal with setbacks and obstacles and so much more. It is a book that will change your life and written by a person who have faced rejection for most of his life, got his heart broken more than once, faced a lot of oppositions and obstacles but through the grace of God overcame them and is on his now living his purpose. It is a book that both Christians and Non-Christians, Youths and Adults, Singles and Couples can enjoy.

Eston Swaby is available to do speaking engagements, guest appearances, product endorsements, book signing and endorsement and corporate events

How We Can Work Together

DISC Training/Coaching/Assessment

Eston Swaby is a coach and DISC consultant traveling from Jamaica. He has been using the DISC Behavioral Analysis in his work with business leaders and teams and is confident he can help your company grow to its full potential. He can present DISC Training to executive teams, medical school faculties, high-tech companies, nonprofits, organizations, Universities, Schools and companies

For more information about this DISC Workshop, Motivational Talk, Coaching or Assessment and how he can adapt his training to your organization and its goals, contact Eston at driventosuccess@yahoo.com

Motivational Speaker

Eston Swaby has a passion to empower individuals, groups and companies to achieve greater level of success by fulfilling their purpose, pursuing their dreams, and being the best they can be. Eston is available to speak at conferences, companies, schools, churches and other events


Eston believes in you. He believes in your vision and your goals. He believes that you can be more, achieve more and he is here to help you be all you can be.

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