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My Story: The Journey

Becoming Unstoppable…. Creating My Breathtaking Life

Hi Game Changer, I am so happy that our path connects at this particular moment in time. Firstly, I am a Jamaica. I love to go to church, hang out with positive people, love chicken, I don’t like to eat rice so I mostly cook dumplings. I believe in freedom, the freedom to do what you want to do and when you want to do. I believe that each one of were born for greatness, born for something more, I believe that when we die we should leave the world a better place, our existence should matter, it should mean something to people outside of our family. We should leave such a big footprint that those who follows after us have a hard time filling that spot. I believe that all of us can live our dreams. Call me crazy, but I truly believe it’s possible.

Living a life without passion and purpose, that is how my life for many years. Frustrated, anxious because most days I never knew how I was going to pay my bills, or buy food. There were times in my life I could not afford to pay my $10 phone bill, or buy simple things like deodorant, toothpaste, or even fingernail clip. Whenever I was spending money I had to negotiate between what to buy or which bill I had to pay, sometimes I would push back few ‘expenses’ I had so I could make room to buy food to eat.

There were days in my life I went on Spiritual fasting because I never had food to eat, and times when I eat yam, or oats for dinner (only that you could hardly find any oats, or any milk), or having to eat one or two fingers of banana for Sunday night dinner. There were days I went to sleep because that was the only thing I do to not feel the hunger.

When you talk about not having enough or living in scarcity and fear, I have been there.

To make things better, I started an online business. For years I left from one online business to another as I was busy chasing the money without any thoughts of doing what I was really passionate or tied to my purpose. I just wanted to start making some money. Can you blame me?

The result? I was miserable. I would start one project or business this month and the next month I was searching for the next thing as I lost interest in what I was doing, and because I had no passion in what I was doing, I felt unfulfilled. Worst, I was grinding but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. It simple felt like work, hard work leaving me emotionally drain every day.

Tip: You cannot create success out of a scarcity mindset or out of fear.

On top of this I was in a 9-5 job that I had no passion for. Talk about a passionless and one that wasn’t going anywhere. I felt like a little child on a rocking horse, rocking very hard, getting tired and sweating, but I wasn’t going anywhere. Have you ever felt like that? I know I did.

Every day I would go to work feeling drain before I even started working and just prayed for the clock to strike 5pm. Because of how frustrated I was with my job and life at the same time, I would easily get irritated, angry and felt unfulfilled. I felt trap because I had bills to pay, and loans to repay. I went home everyday feeling unfulfilled and miserable, but what was I going to do? I had bills to pay, a mediocre lifestyle to maintain because what I was earning could hardly pay my bills. I was living paycheck to paycheck every month (sorry…… paycheck to few days in the next month and the rest of month I was broke).  My feelings about my job quickly spilled over into my everyday life and relationships. I simple had no energy for anything or to give my partner the quality time she deserved.

I was fed up with my life and with my job and needed a change. I decided that enough was enough, I will not continue to live like this, and so instead of looking outwardly in terms of starting a business or looking for a job for the sake of money, I started looking at what I was passionate about or wanted to do with my life, and that was Speaking, Writing and Coaching.

And that is how my journey into writing my first book, An Empowered Life, coaching and speaking began, and the birth of DrivenToSucesss, the business I created to help people to transform their lives and business.

I don’t believe that you should get a good education, get a good job (forget about what you are really passionate about), get married, have children, retire and get a gold watch with a retirement package that can hardly pay your bills much less to pay your medical expenses, and then die. Yes you should get a good education, get married, have children, but I also believe that it is your mission to live your purpose and follow your passion. I believe you should do work that means something to you, I believe your work should not feel like work, but like a vacation. You should be excited about waking up in the morning and working on your dreams, and feel inspired by the impact you are making.

What I do?

I am a Mindset & Business Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker, I work with impact-driven entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, authors, experts and service driven entrepreneurs) who is on a mission to make a huge impact to start,  and make money doing what they love by attracting right clients and scale their business to 6 figures so they can create financial freedom while making a bigger impact.

Simple put: I help impact-driven entrepreneurs to attract their ideals clients, make money doing what they love and to scale their business to 6 figures

I believe in possibilities, what could be possible if we work together to create your dream business and your dream life? If you want to breakthrough mental and money blocks, fears, doubts, become absolutely clear on what you want, create products and programs book a FREE Strategy session with me today at

If you are tired of settling for less than you deserve, if you are ready to play a bigger game, make a bigger impact, and do work you love, I would love to serve you. Hop on a call with me so we can talk about your goals and dreams and what is truly possible. I believe in possibilities. I believe in getting you results.




Eston is the author of “An Empowered Life”, a motivational and devotional book.  “An Empowered Life”,  teaches and empowers readers to overcome their challenges, get past their fears, get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding them back and replace these with empowering beliefs, how to deal with setbacks and obstacles and so much more. It is a book that will change your life and written by a person who have faced rejection for most of his life, got his heart broken more than once, faced a lot of oppositions and obstacles but through the grace of God overcame them and is on his now living his purpose. It is a book that both Christians and Non-Christians, Youths and Adults, Singles and Couples can enjoy.


Eston holds a Bsc in Psychology from the University of West Indies Jamaica, and is also Certified as a Behavioral Coach (DISC Consultant/Coach) by Success With People Academy at UTECH Jamaica.