About Eston

The Journey

Living a life without passion and purpose, is how I would describe my life for many years. For years I left from one online business to another as I was busy chasing a next paycheck without any thoughts of doing what I was really passionate or tied to my purpose of helping people to develop themselves personally and professionally.

The result? I was miserable. I would start one project or business this month and the next month I was searching for the next thing as I lost interest in what I was doing, and because I had no passion in what I was doing, I was miserable. It simple felt like work, hard work leaving me emotionally drain every day,

On top of this I was in a 9-5 that I had no passion in. Every day I would go to work feeling drain before I even started working and just pray for the clock to strike 5pm. Because of how frustrated I was with my job and life at the top, I would easily get irritated, angry and unfulfilled. My feelings about my job quickly spilled over into my everyday life and relationships. I simple had no energy for anything or to give my partner the quality time she deserved.

I was fed up with my life and with my job and needed a change. I decided that enough was enough, I will not continue to live like this, and so instead of looking outwardly in terms of starting a business or looking for a job for the sake of money, I started looking at what I was passionate about or wanted to do with my life, and that was Speaking, Writing and Coaching.

And that is how my journey into writing my first book, An Empowered Life, coaching and speaking began, and the birth of DrivenToSucesss, the business I created to help people to transform their lives.

DrivenToSuccess.co in a nutshell is a company that creates training products and courses that seeks to inspire and empower individuals with the right tools and knowledge to transform their lives, business and become their best self. To accomplish this we not only offer our clients training products and programs, but we offer one to one or group coaching or counselling services where we give individuals and  groups personal attention to help them to deal with their issues and live an empowered life. We also do workshops, seminars or other events.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help individuals who have a drive or desire to be successful not only in business, but in every area of their lives: to be successful in their personal relationships, successful in their spiritual life, to be successful in their business and personal life. We believe that each one of us have the potential to be great, and have it in you to achieve real success, not a medicated type of success, but one that is real, one that at the end of your journey on this earth, you can stand before your creator and he can say, yes you have lived a fulfilled life. We believe in YOU!


Eston Swaby is a Mindset and Business Coach, Author, DISC Consultant, and Motivational Speaker. He helps those who want to start a business to quit their 9-5 job, breakthrough mental blocks, get clarity, confidence and tap into your passion to build a 6 or 7 figure business online.

Abundance is your birthright.

I strongly believe that when we align our passion and purpose with our dreams and goals then we will start to create masterpiece and a life of abundance. People that are passionate about what they do and feel a sense of purpose do great work, they are the movers and shakers in this world, and they wake up every day driven, enthusiast, inspired and motivated to go out there and create abundance. My job is to help you identify and remove blocks, gain clarity, confidence and the courage to walk in the divine assignment that is upon your life.

Do you have a HOBBY or a BUSINESS? Hobbies can be very expensive. If you’re ready to create a profitable income to support your family and a fun lifestyle with more cash flow and freedom then apply here to see how best we can work together.


An empowering speaker for schools, churches, and companies, if you want to bring about lasting changes in the lives of your audience or company, don’t delay, get in touch with me today. I always tailors my message to the theme of your audience, event and goals. My life story of rejection, defeat, restoration, faith, and believes and empowerment have helped to transform many lives, and I wants to do the same for your event


Eston is the author of “An Empowered Life”, a motivational and devotional book.  “An Empowered Life”,  teaches and empowers readers to overcome their challenges, get past their fears, get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding them back and replace these with empowering beliefs, how to deal with setbacks and obstacles and so much more. It is a book that will change your life and written by a person who have faced rejection for most of his life, got his heart broken more than once, faced a lot of oppositions and obstacles but through the grace of God overcame them and is on his now living his purpose. It is a book that both Christians and Non-Christians, Youths and Adults, Singles and Couples can enjoy.


Eston holds a Bsc in Psychology from the University of West Indies Jamaica, and is also Certified as a Behavioral Coach (DISC Consultant/Coach) by Success With People Academy at UTECH Jamaica.