About Driven

What is Driven To Success?

DrivenToSuccess.co in a nutshell is a company that creates training products and courses that seeks to inspire and empower individuals with the right tools and knowledge to transform their lives and become their best self. To accomplish this we not only offer our clients training products and programs, but we offer one to one or group coaching or counselling services where we give individuals and  groups personal attention to help them to deal with their issues and live an empowered life. We also do workshops, seminars or other events.

DrivenToSuccess was founded on the belief that each one of us have the ability  or potential to become the best version of themselves, follow their passion and live their dreams. We believe that we can help people take their lives to the next level and become a better person for themselves and their community. We take a practical approach through inspirational talks, empowerment seminars, and educational programs.

Driven To Success helps you create a life that is meaningful to you, one that is full of Love, Happiness and Success. We offer Marriage Counseling and Coaching, Men Coaching, Christian Counseling and Coaching, Life (Personal Development) Coaching, Career Coaching, Dating Coaching services, and we will also speak at your event whether it is at a workshop, seminar, online, or webinar. Schedule your free consultation meeting, and let’s talk.

We are a faith base Christian Coaching and Counselling Company as we are built upon the Word and foundation of the scriptures.

Even though we will counsel and coach our clients without using the Word of God base on their preferences, we will not compromise our belief in God and on his Word which is written in the Bible. DrivenToSuccess.co have great respects for each one of our clients and will put their needs above our own, we also respect the laws of the land, but at the same time we are foremost obligated to please God first and put him first above our clients or any government regulations.

We will never preach to our clients or force them to give their life to God, but at the same time we will use a mixture of biblical principles and secular techniques and principles. Where secular theories, laws and techniques contradict the TRUE Word of God, we will at all time rely on the Bible as our guide.

How do you know you’re ready to transform your life?

  • You are tired of the way your life has been going and are clear that it’s time for a change and you are ready and committed to gain the tools, training and strategies to begin the process.
  • You know that you cannot do this alone and so have see the value in getting support, structure, accountability  from a train coach and counselor and a detailed curriculum by investing in coaching/counseling for support and accountability and or courses for hands-on learning, or conference and workshops for immersion learning.
  • You have brand new goals you want to meet or you are recommitting to achieving the goals you already have or need help in setting and accomplishing your goals.
  • You are open to new ideas and perspectives and committed to making BIG changes NOW.
  • You’re tired of procrastinating and want to want to take ACTION.
  • You simply love the idea of having a structured process to focus on YOU — your goals, your dreams, your plan, your success.
  • You have decided that fear and excuses have held you back long enough.
  • You know it’s time to adopt a mantra of “no excuses” to define success for yourself.
  • You’re ready to accelerate your progress by getting the RIGHT information, tools and resources.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help individuals who have a drive or desire to be successful not only in business, but in every area of their lives: to be successful in their personal relationships, successful in their spiritual life, to be successful in their business and personal life. We believe that each one of us have the potential to be great, and have it in you to achieve real success, not a medicated type of success, but one that is real, one that at the end of your journey on this earth, you can stand before your creator and he can say, yes you have lived a fulfilled life. We believe in YOU!