5 Best Productivity Hacks To Be More Productive In Your Business

5 Best Productivity Hacks To Be More Productive In Your Business

If you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to be productive. A productive entrepreneur or person is one who takes the same 24hrs we all have been given, and do more with it by engaging in activities that generate more value and progression. When you reach a point where your days are spent mostly on trying to achieve your goals, then you are going to live a productive life and business. 


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Especially if you are currently working a 9-5 job, your time is limited, and what this means is that your goal should be using the limited time you have to move your business forward. Every minute should count for something. You don’t have the luxury of wasting few hours browsing through FaceBook or on the internet like your friends who are comfortable in their 9-5 job.

5 Productivity Hacks To Help You Grow Your Business

1. Don’t be a slave to your own email

Checking and responding to emails is one of the most time-consuming task we do. Studies have shown that we normally spend more than 25% of our work day replying to/browsing through/writing emails. That’s an alarming portion of your day and such a waste of time. It seems we are always checking our emails to see what’s new and so we delay doing the most important tasks, actually working in our business.

I have fell for this trap, and maybe you have too. That is why we need to learn not to constantly be checking our emails as soon as an alert goes off, have dedicated times each day for checking and replying to emails, and set limits. For example, “today I will check my emails for 30 mins at 12noon”, that way you won’t spend hours checking and replying to emails.

2. Keep it simple

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social media giant Facebook, is said to wear the same gray t-shirt or hoodie for work, a lighter version of Steve Jobs’ famous black turtleneck sweater outfit. According to Zuckerberg, maintaining a uniform helps him save more time by not having to think about what to wear each day.

I am no way telling you to wear the same outfit to work, but to keep things simple. Don’t spend hours or large time in your day thinking about what to do or what not to do. The less things you have going on, the more you can actually focus on the most important tasks. Don’t try to make your life complicated or your business for that matter.

3. Multitasking

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Multitasking is one of the most important skills you will have to learn in business. This is one of the  productivity tips that is most required if you are going to be successful. Of course, there will be times when you are just focus on one task, but this won’t always be the case, just don’t try to be doing too many things all at once.

Like many skills, it’s a skill that you get to learn by actually trying to do it, and by having the strength to face failure each time you don’t succeed. Start by identifying the things that you can do simultaneously. These could simply be minuscule tasks that hold no importance at all, but it would help you develop a habit that could change your life forever.

4. Apply the 90-minute rule

What the 90 minutes rule is all about is that you should start your day by spending the first 90 minutes on your most important task, and continue applying this routine throughout the day.

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We should spend our mornings working on the most important task that will help us to move our business further whilst your brain and body can deliver the best results. Don’t spend it on distractions like Facebook or checking your emails. spend that time creating and brainstorming. Instead of letting others dictate your priorities, give yourself at least an hour to focus without external distractions.

According to research, the human body operates on cycles called “ultradian rhythms.” During each of these cycles, there is a peak when we are most energized and a period when we are exhausted.

With the 90 minutes rule, you take full advantage of the energy peaks. What this means is that we should work in 90 minutes sprints and then rest for 20–30 minutes.

Completing your most important task not only moves it out of your way, but it gives you great energy because you get the feeling you’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

5. What is most important right now?

When Steve was struck with the possibility of death, he implemented a unique morning routine. Every day, he would ask himself, “If this were my last day on earth, would I want to do what I’m about to do now?” If this was the last day you have to live and you want to leave a legacy for your children, would you spend the next one hour browsing aimlessly through your social media feed? Would you spend 2 hours each day playing video games or watching movies all day when you have a business to run? This is especially helpful for those who are easily frustrated, depressed or unmotivated.


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