4 Ways To Stay Focused In A World Full Of Distractions

4 Ways To Stay Focused In A World Full Of Distractions

I have a big problem, and I know many of you also have this problem as entrepreneurs. Many times I go online to work on my business, or I would go on Facebook to create content for my Facebook Group: Turn Your Passion Into Profit and hours went by and I did not do what I had set out to do. It is so easy to get caught doing work that will not move you further in your business as there are so many things to distract us, to rob us of what we really need to do.


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We are constantly responding and checking emails that sometimes the things that really matters get pushed back into the future. It is time to get moving on our goals and dreams. It is time to be more productive with our time. We all have 24hours in a day and our success is depended on how we spend our 24hrs.

Here are 4 things you can start doing to stay focus:

1. Set up your day the night before

Most times in the morning if I hadn’t set the intentions for the day before as soon as I wake up I am bombarded with so many information and things that ‘need my attention’ in the morning. Before you go to sleep, make some basic decisions about what you will do tomorrow and start working on these task first.

Make a decision the night before that you won’t check your emails or surf the net before you have finished the more important tasks that need to be completed. Yes you are going to feel the pull to check your social media notifications or to check your emails, but you have to force yourself to stick to your schedule. You will feel much more energize and fulfilled at the end of the day when you do this.

Getting into the habit of planning your day in advance will make it easier to avoid getting sidetracked and wasting time and energy on small, unimportant things.

2. Do the most difficult things first

After you have prayed, meditated, do your affirmations or whatever your morning routine is, work on the most difficult task first. Look, they will not get easier by worrying about them or trying to put them off for another time. In fact, doing your most difficult task(s) first will motivate and push you to get them done so you can start working on the things you really want to do.

3. Eliminate distractions and time wasters

The majority of things we do throughout the day are not important. I don’t need to check my emails throughout the day. I don’t need to always be checking my Facebook notifications. Most of the things we allow to distract us don’t need our immediate attention at the moment. Instead, set aside time throughout your day, e.g 30mins to check your emails, or check your social media status.

4. Constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goals

It can be so easy to forget about our goals or intentions when we are bombarded with so many things that comes to rob us of our time that we forget about the things that really matters and our goals.   Create a vision board, a mind movie, or some system that serves as a constant reminder of what you are working toward. Also remember your “why”, why are your goals important? Your “why” will is crucial as it will serve as a motivator. Sometimes if we don’t have a go reason for doing something we will push it back.

Maybe one of your goal is to have a 7 figure business so that you will have the money and the resources to establish a foundation to help youths in third-world countries. Have a clear vision of what the foundation would look like so you can imagine it on a regular basis. Set aside regular time daily, if only five minutes, to visualize this goal. The more details you can put in, the better. Become emotionally involved with the visualization by putting music, videos, or anything that provides you with an emotional charge. The emotional connect is hugely important, as this will motivate you to keep moving toward your goal.


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