4 Tips To Grow Your Business On Facebook

4 Tips To Grow Your Business On Facebook


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Social Media giant, Facebook, has over 2.27 billion monthly active users with about 1.7 billion  people on average log onto Facebook daily according to statistics given by Facebook. This represents a great opportunity for any new and or experience entrepreneur to attract their ideal clients and grow their business.

As a Coach/Consultant, I depend on Facebook to grow my business, without Social Media, I wouldn’t have been able to meet new potential clients almost everyday. Here are 4 tips that I learned that have helped you to grow your Coaching/Consultant, Service-base or message driven business using Facebook.

(NB: Don’t rely solely on Facebook to grow your business, Facebook audience is borrowed audience, you don’t own them. Get them on your email list.)

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4 Tips To Grow Your Following and business On Facebook

Tip #1: Focus Mostly On Videos

My experience is that videos have a much better reach than graphics or regular posts. This is because we live in a world where people gravitate to watching videos than reading. Most of the young people I have met, and the research also supports this, say they rather to watch a video than reading something. If you want to reach more people on Facebook, create relevant and meaningful videos that your niche can connect with. For example, if you are a health expert, create health related and recipe videos that your audience can engage with.

Tip #2: Join Facebook Groups

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can find relevant Facebook groups that you can be apart of. Chances are, your family and friends are not your target market, and they are less likly to engage with your posts. You need to connect and share value with your target audience. If you are a  Health expert or Digital Marketer for example, join groups that has people that needs your service to give insight and value. Don’t try to sell, give value so people will see you as an expert in your field.

Tip #3: Be Consistent

I know sometimes you might not feel like posting anything on Facebook, but you have to be consistent. People like to do business with people who are consistent and reliable.  If you are not consistent you will definitely lose your audience and your engagement is likely to go down.

Tip #4: Do Facebook Lives

Going Live on your personal page, business page or/and group helps to grow your business. Live video is such a popular tool that many businesses are not using.  When you do these Live videos, it shouldn’t be all about selling but giving your audience value. There are some entrepreneurs who go live 2-3 times per day and it shows they are consistent and that they are giving value to their audience. You don’t want to get on live and just sell, sell and sell. You want to be able to provide value and engage with your audience.


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