4 Keys to Choosing the Right Business Mentor or Coach

4 Keys to Choosing the Right Business Mentor or Coach

Having a coach or mentor has been a great help in reaching where I am today in my business. Before I invested in a coach/mentor, I was lost, I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t confident in what I was doing, and I was undercharging for my service because I never thought I was worthy or good enough so everytime I got on the phone with someone, before I told them how much I charge, I would quickly lower the price.
That was then…………
Now I am more confident and have a sense of direction. And this is all because I invested in coaching even though I couldn’t afford to……. but I also couldn’t afford not to.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a mentor or coach

Before you get started in your search for a mentor or coach, ask yourself these questions:


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  • What outcomes or performance improvements am I looking for?
  • What am I prepared to put in to the programme in order to achieve these outcomes?
  • How will I manage my time and energy to put into practice the changes I identify through coaching or mentoring?
  • How much am I willing to invest in mentorship or coaching?
  • How much years of experience and achievement must this person have?
  • What am I looking for? Business coach? Mindset Coach? Money Coach? Productivity Coach etc?
Now with these questions out of the way, lets look at 4 keys to choosing the right coach or mentor for your coaching, consulting or service-base business.

4 Keys To Choosing a Mentor or Coach

1. Be sure the prospective mentor has the expertise to help you get ahead. Whether they work online or in person, 24/7 or a strategically planned 3-day week, be sure have the expertise to help you get what you want. It’s not about finding a mentor or coach with the most years of experience or the biggest title. It’s about finding a mentor with the knowledge and expertise to help you on your journey. There will be a lot of challenges and many times you feel like giving up, you need a mentor that will help you to navigate through any challenges you’re facing, but that doesn’t always mean someone with the most years of work on their resume. If your mentor has been in a similar situation to you and has worked their way through it, their title or years in the workforce become irrelevant.
2. Be sure you have positive chemistry or compatibility with the mentor.  You will be working with them for at least a few months or, more commonly, a year at a time. You have to be compatible with this person otherwise the relationship can feel strained or forced.  Do you like them? Admire them? Enjoy being around them? Will they challenge you and hold space for your greatness? It sometimes takes time to build relationship, but from the get-go you should be able to sense if this person is someone you will be able to work with.
3. Be sure you have someone who is stepping out of his comfort zone. You don’t want a clone of yourself or your best friend as a mentor. This person should be able to challenge you and help you to step outside of your comfort zone. To succeed in business, you will have to do things that are not comfortable, and so you need someone who will hold your hand and jump with you if needs be.
4. Don’t let the cost of the program deter you. Mentoring/Coaching can cost you couple thousands of dollars. The program I invested in cost $9500. The most I had ever invested in any program before that was maybe $3000 and that was over 3 year period, the program I invested in was for 6 weeks. I was scared! I was way over my head to be invested in a program that was so expensive. But I knew I had to do it if I wanted to succeed. And so I held my fears in my hand and I jump.
Of course there are lots of free information out there – even free masterminds – but unless you are willing to invest in your growth, most times you will not be as dedicated to the process. I knew it had to work, so I put in the work.  To get the benefit of someone’s expertise that can truly help you move your business forward will require an investment.  First, ask the WHAT question, “Is this the mentoring program I believe will help me, and that I want?” Second, ask the HOW question: “How can I manifest the funds to make this investment in my future now?” That will activate the circumstances that will bring you the money you need to create the future you want.
So if you consider these keys and want to explore a partnership with me – and learn more about whether my coaching program could be the way to take your business to the next step – just book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION and let’s talk!

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