10 Powerful Amazon Marketing Tools That Could Change Your Life

10 Powerful Amazon Marketing Tools That Could Change Your Life

Every day thousands of people are making a lot of money on Amazon because they have learnt the secret of how to make money on Amazon, and they know the tools to help them to do just that. If you are looking to earn 6 figure income on Amazon, or just to earn enough money to quit your job or just to be able to pay your bills, I have some of the best tools in the industry that can help you to do just that.


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Every marketer who have been around for some time knows that to be successful in marketing, you need to pick the right tools.  That’s especially true if you’re selling on Amazon.

Best Tools to Help You Make Money on Amazon

1. Feedback Genius

When you are shopping online, what are you looking for to help you choose one brand or one seller over another? What’s the first thing you look for to help you make a decision?

For most of you, you are going to say REVIEWS!

I know that’s what I do when I am trying to decide which seller to buy from over another.

Consumers today are not taking any chances, so before they before they hand over their hard-earned cash to buy a product online, they want to see what other shoppers are saying about a particular product.

Amazon knows this, and that is why they put in place a review system so customers can review your product, but the sad fact is, most consumers will not leave a review unless you give them a reason to. The thing is, most consumers don’t even remember to give a review after they received and use your product 2 weeks later.

That’s where Feedback Genius comes in. It’s a tool that automatically contacts your customers after a product has been delivered to politely ask for a review.

Feedback Genius is an amazing tool that was designed by Amazon Sellers just like you, for Amazon sellers. The tool is very user friendly as they want you to have no problem or difficulties using this tool.

If you’re looking for a solution that will give your products more positive reviews, give Feedback Genius a try. The tool allows you to create as many messages as you want and can be about what ever you want to grow your eCommerce business. The best part is that they have a free plan so you can give it a test run today. Signup for Feedback Genius now

2. AMZ Tracker

So what if you want to track your keywords, to know which ones are working well for you and which ones to replace? That’s where AMZ Tracker comes in.

If you want to be successful as an Amazon seller, you need to be tracking your keywords.

AMZ Tracker was the first Amazon keyword tracker so it has many years to know what is working on what is not, and that is why thousands of Amazon sellers rely on AMZ Tracker to run their business effectively.

The tool goes beyond simple keyword tracking and allows you to what your competitors are doing and how much they are selling, so you can basically spy on your competitors.

Additionally, AMZ Tracker offers an SEO feature that enables you to improve your keyword rankings. This will help you to land more sales.

Beyond that, the tool also helps you optimize your product listings. Its On Page Analyzer shows you what you’re doing right and where there’s room for improvement.

This is a great tool to use to help you grow your business as an Amazon seller as it also allows you to review negative reviews by left by consumers, a keyword research feature, and customized email reports.

3. Keyword Inspector

KeywordInspector is a data intensive online web-based Tool Suite for Amazon Product Research. It is not just a single tool, it’s a suite of tools.

The tools were designed to help Amazon Seller, gain an advantage over your competition by helping you to find/sell/optimize more products, faster on Amazon.

The first tool is its Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool. With this tool you can know all of the keywords that a specific ASIN ranks for.

Another great tool is its Keyword Trends Tool. With this tool you can use it to know what keywords buyers are using to find your products, as well as related keywords.

The Indexation Tester tool helps you to ensure that your product listing can be found by people in your target market.

Finally, Keyword Inspector also offers a couple of free tools: the Amazon Suggestions Tool, which helps you find profitable longtail keywords, and the Amazon Search Terms Optimizer Tool, which maximizes your search visibility.

Cost is: $39 per month, but they also have a free trial

Signup NOW at KeywordInspector

4. Unicorn Smasher

Every top Amazon seller knows that to make the most money through Amazon you need to sell products that buyers will actually pay you for. If you sell products that many people don’t want, then you won’t make a lot of money. Sell a hot product and chances are you will make a lot of money in no time.

That’s where Unicorn Smasher comes in.

With Unicorn Smasher, you’ll have comprehensive product data that includes prices, bestseller ranks, estimated sales, reviews, and more.

Additionally, you’ll get a dashboard that enables you to manage all of your research in a single place.

Unicorn Smasher allows you to view  tens of thousands of products up-to-date revenue estimates all in one place. With this knowledge you can accurately predict what which products will be a best seller and which won’t.

The best part is that with this tool you will be able to save hours of research, take the guesswork out of Amazon marketing, and put a stop to analysis paralysis.

Oh, did I mentioned that Unicorn Smasher also integrates with the aforementioned AMZ Tracker? It does.

Signup now at Unicorn Smasher

5. MerchantWords

Another great tool to have is MerchantWords. With this tool you will be able to know what search terms Amazon shoppers are using every day.

Not only does MerchantWords collect Amazon keywords, it also gathers keywords from other sites, like Sears and Walmart. With this info you will be able to market your products more effectively as you know what shoppers are looking for and what keywords they are using to find them.

The tool also helps you find similar keywords that will help you improve sales.

COST: $60

Signup now at MerchantWords

6. Keepa

Keepa is another Amazon price tracker. It enables you to do the following:

  • View price history graphs
  • Set price drop and availability alerts
  • View historical info within your browser
  • Compare prices on Amazon
  • See the latest deals

Keepa also offers international support. You can use it to view pricing history in 11 different countries.


Signup now at Keepa

7. AMZ Space

As an Amazon seller, you are competing against thousands of other Amazon sellers, going after the same buyers you are targeting, that is why you need one of the best tool in the market to help you come out on top. You need AMZ Space.

This is a great tool that will help you to: calculate profits, send an automatic email to your customers and keep track of the highest ranking keywords with this Amazon keyword tool, find your next profitable product to sell on Amazon in seconds, get easy to understand Order Reports that include: your total profit on each order, customer details, date, and more, follow your competition to see their price and BSR (Best seller Rank) history.

Test it out for a month and see what happens.


Signup now at AMZ Space

8. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is another great tool to have. Simple put, this tool will enable you to find out all you need to know about the needs of your clients.

Keyword Eye is a visual keyword and competitor research tool. Use this tool to to find keywords which it showcases  in an interactive, graphical view.

This comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools was designed for marketers for them to optimize their tactics and have an edge over the competition.

With Keyword Eye, you will be able to what your competitors are up to as you will be able to view their AdWords keywords and their organic rankings.

Price: From $17

7 Day Free Trial

Signup now at Keyword Eye

9. RepricerExpress

“Increase your Amazon sales and maximise profits”

Is the first thing you will see when you visit RepricerExpress.

RepricerExpress is an Amazon and eBay repricing solution to help you sell more items and keep listings competitive automatically.

If you are looking for a way to compete effectively for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box, you need to check out RepricerExpress as it offers Amazon FBA and FBM sellers the ability to compete effectively.

RepricerExpress promises that you’ll win more Buy Boxes without constant attention. In other words, the tool combines the best of both worlds: marketing automation and pricing optimization based on up-to-date data.

In addition to helping you land your products in the Buy Box, RepricerExpress optimizes the prices so they end up in the “More Choices” box as well.

The tool also allows you to set price based on one of several different strategies:

  • Beat a competitor’s price by a specific amount
  • Match the price of a competitor
  • Raise your price so that it’s higher than a competitor
  • Ignore competitor prices

RepricerExpress also lets you exclude certain sellers as competitors.

Trial: 15 days
Plans start at £39 per month for 2,500 SKUs and continuous repricing across multiple marketplaces.

Signup Now at RepricerExpress

10. SellerLogic

SellerLogic is an Amazon tool that promises to help you maximize your profit. It does this by automatically monitors listings, analyzes competition and identifies a repricing strategy to get your offers to the Buy Box at the highest possible price.

The tool enables you to optimize your pricing using one of several strategies:

  • Buy Box: The price that will land your product in the much-coveted Buy Box position
  • Position: The price that will put you in a specific position in the search results
  • Sales: The price that will get you “the maximum” in sales
  • Same Price: The price that matches your competitor

If you’re looking for a great tool to help you set the right price so you can make the most money from your products on Amazon, you need to check out SellerLogic

Trial: 14 days
From 19 € per month for up to 100 products, to 1999 € per month for up to 1 million products

Signup now at SellerLogic


If you are looking for a tool to help you make the most money from your Amazon products, be sure to check out the tools above that will help you to do just that.

In the comment, which one of these tools are you planning to use, or if you are already using one or more of the tools above, please share your experience in the comment section.

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