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Life at times can be very burdensome to the point that we feel like throwing in the towel. Sometimes we feel so press down by the things we are going through that we beg for death. Other times, the people around us, and our past experiences can leave us feeling like we don’t matter, the world can do without us.

How do you stand when you feel as if the earth beneath you is giving way? How do you overcome your past experiences? What do you do when you are surrounded by toxic people? Does my life mean anything? Do I have a purpose? How do overcome the obstacles I face so  I can live in victory everyday?

You were made for more, to do more and to be more……. Learn how you can live an Empowered Life everyday despite of your past, the environment you grew up in, the people around you, or the obstacles you face.

In this book, you will witness a life of that has been crushed, but find purpose and learn to use the things he went through to rise to be who he was created to be. My desire is that you will find hope and inspiration and glean insights from the lessons I have learned along the way. 

A man who believes that everyone can succeed no matter what obstacles they face or their past experiences or the environment they grow up in, Eston is determine to help people to live an empowered life. He believes that each one of us have seeds of greatness inside of them and with the right tools, strategies and guide they can release their greatness. Using his personal stories, Eston creates an atmosphere of determination, passion, and urgency. His unique style, charisma and dynamic energy captivate diverse audiences regardless of their background

Destined For Greatness: Eston has a passion for youths and have dedicated a lot of his time to empower youths to know that they are destined for greatness. He believes that it is apart of his mission to help young people and young adults to know and understand that there is more in them and that God has invested in them gifts and talents that if they should tap into their unlimited potential they will be great.

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What can you achieve with by understanding your DISC style and how to communicate effectively? Team Building & Increase Performance, Employee Engagement, Sales Training, Improve Customer Service, Company Growth, Communication and Conflict management, Enjoy Company Growth and Employees Development, and so much more. DISC is much more than an assessment or personality test, it shows you how each person behave in different settings, how you can improve their performance and get best results from them.

Learn more how DISC can help your company improve company performance, DISC Training and Assessment

Define what is truly possible your company with programs tailor made for your particular needs. Eston Swaby offers:

Training: Employee Engagements, Team Building, Customer Service, Leadership

Motivational Talk: Book Eston to empower your team to achieve greater level of success in the workplace and in their personal life

As a motivational Speaker, Eston past pace, and practical message will empower your audience to realise what’s truly possible for them and to fulfill their purpose, live their dreams and to become better version of themselves. Eston is available to speak at:

  • Churches
  • Conferences/events
  • Youth groups

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