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Eston Swaby Latest Book



Life at times can be very burdensome to the point that we feel like throwing in the towel. Sometimes we feel so press down by the things we are going through that we beg for death. Other times, the people around us, and our past experiences can leave us feeling like we don’t matter, the world can do without us.

How do you stand when you feel as if the earth beneath you is giving way? How do you overcome your past experiences? What do you do when you are surrounded by toxic people? Does my life mean anything? Do I have a purpose? How do overcome the obstacles I face so  I can live in victory everyday?

You were made for more, to do more and to be more……. Learn how you can live an Empowered Life everyday despite of your past, the environment you grew up in, the people around you, or the obstacles you face.

In this book, you will witness a life of that has been crushed, but find purpose and learn to use the things he went through to rise to be who he was created to be. My desire is that you will find hope and inspiration and glean insights from the lessons I have learned along the way. 



Step 1: Compatibility

We know that we cannot work with everyone, and you might not want to work with us. And that is why our questions will determine if we are a good fit together. We work side by side with our clients to help them not only transform their lives but to start and grow their business, so we put care into client compatibility.

Step 2: Strategy Session

We want to customize your experience as much as possible, so if proven compatible, we will set up a call to learn all about your business, your goals, and your current operations.

Step 3 - We Create a Plan

After deciding how we are going to work together, we create a strategic plan of action to get you to where you want to go, identify anything that might be holding you back (or will hold you back). We take the approach that everything is possible.

Step 4 - You Succeed

The aim of us working together is for you to get results. We will keep you on track to ensure you achieve your milestones, make adjustments and reach your destination.


Like many of you I spent most of my adult working days doing work I had no passion or interest in, and I was miserable and unfulfilled. There were days if it wasn’t for the sake of collecting a paycheck I would not go to work, just thinking about going to work caused me to want to go back into bed. I prayed for weekends and when weekends came I prayed that Monday would not come. I was just doing enough so that I would not get fired, and it showed, it showed in my performance that I didn’t want to be there.

Out of desperation to change my financial situation and create a better future for myself, I went into entrepreneurship and started an online business. But I had no passion or interest in what I was doing so I was back at square one in no time, no money and miserable and unfulfilled. Over the years I dabbled in a lot of online ventures all in the name of making money and creating a life I truly love, but all of those ventures failed because none of them were my passion. Until I finally gave in to what my heart really wanted and that was coaching and speaking.

  • I know what it feels like to wake up everyday feeling miserable, frustrated and unfulfilled.
  • I know what it feels like to have a dream but do not believe in your dream
  • I know what it feels like to give up when things are not going the way I wanted or met upon challenges and setbacks in the pursuit of my goals and dreams.
  • I know what it feels like to be crippled by fear and allowing my limiting beliefs and fear to stop me from being successful and living up to my full potential.
  • I know what it is like to be unconsciously sabotaging myself and my finances because of my wrong programming about money and success.

Chances are, I have been where you are now and want to work with you to create the business and life you want, to live on your own terms and to create financial freedom.

If this sounds like something you want, book a free consultation with me so we can discover if we are a good fit together because I only want to work with people that I feel comfortable working with and can help, and you should feel the same way.

Are you ready to create a life and business you love?

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